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    web services return XML results...

    i doing a web menu... and the items is getting from a web services... the web method should return an xml with all the authorise item allow for the user to access... but when my client call the web method, i get this error... "System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid." i debug...
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    How to access aspx.vb function from client javascript???

    my page will have a table(not grid, just html table) with a lot of datas. when user click on one of the data, the data will need to use pass into the server and refresh the screen to display more the details. how to call the server function in the aspx.vb from a table???
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    How to access aspx.vb function from client???

    my client a.aspx want to call the function in a.aspx.vb how to do that???
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