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    Help ! Windows Forms..

    i am in need of individual resizable windows in one frame. but not of mdi concept. with splitter i saw a grey portion wen we spilt the screen... any chance to avoid that ?? T.I.A _rG. well i have not tried docked frames..will give a try... thank you :)
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    Color of Datagrids Scroll bars ?!!

    Hi.. How do u change the color of Datagrids Scroll bars ??? My requirement is to change the color of the horizontal and vertical scroll bars of the datagrid. (Windows Application/VB.NET) T.I.A _rG.
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    Image Butttons

    danx ! :) _rG.
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    Multiple Windows

    hi, i need multiple window look alike in a form. is it possible to add a splitter into a form and drag that during runtime ?? or are there any components, so that we can add it to the forms..and so it behaves like multiple windows ?? T.I.A _rG.
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    Image Butttons

    Is it possible to add Image Buttons in windows applications? and also on mouse over, can we change the color of the button ?? T.I.A _rG.
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    Help ! Windows Forms..

    how can u add multiple rezsizable windows in one form ??? (windows application) T.I.A _rG.
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