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    Code Libraries

    Class Libraries Hi, I didn't know where else I should post this to get some advice about a software package. I am trying to find something that will allow me to create and maintain a library of classes for work. In other words I am trying to find a way to catalog classes and make it easy for...
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    Hi, I am trying to launch my windows application ( a wizard I have created) from a url. I use the code: dim launchApp as system.reflection.assembly = Assembly.loadfrom(http://localhost/clientTool/ClientInstallationTool/ClientInstallationTool.exe). I am calling this from a main procedure i have...
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    multiple file processing in

    Hi there, I am relatively new to and have been given a project to handle the installation of files. I am trying to create a procedure that takes an array of files(as an argument in its parameters) which will be executed in the order they are in the array. I then want to process these...
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