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    Datagridview Changes

    Hi, I'm currently using 2019 and have a program which contains a datagridview. The purpose of the datagridview is to load the .csv file every 5 mintues and the datagridview is updated to reflect any changes. For example Data imported Name Checked Date Time Timestamp John...
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    Resolved Merge Bindingsources to a Master

    Hi, Can anyone be kind enough to assist me with the following situation; I have a weekly data file (.csv) and a historic datafile (.csv) and I wish to merge these together and present this within a datagridview. I have 1 command button which loads the Weekly Data and displays that in...
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    Resolved csv to multiple datagridviews

    Hi, Thank you both for your responses, both answers assisted me. Many thanks.
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    Resolved csv to multiple datagridviews

    Hi, Yes, correct i want load the same data into all 5 datagrids. I've managed to load the csv into the 5 different datagridviews, however when I apply a filter to search one of the datagridviews, it seems to filter all 5 with the same search and all 5 datagridviews show the exact same search...
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    Resolved csv to multiple datagridviews

    Hello, Is there a way I can load a csv file into 5 datagridviews. I will then assign a command button for each datagridview which will filter for something specific for each datagridviews. The reason to the 5 datagridviews is that I can then create a dashboard which will refresh every so...
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