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    Weird Issue with GUI

    Hey guys... I have a client that complains that at random times... the 3 combo boxes on the screen--their drop down arrows change to 6, and the computer doesnt respond. Initially I thought the customer was crazy, but then I witnessed it myselfy. Most up to date virus scans found nothing.... has...
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    HELP! MS Access Sharing

    Does access normally allow network sharing???
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    Sql statment error with apostrophe

    I would have to agree! SQL Parameters are a better way to go. What it basically does is it set the items such as textboxes to parameters so it will allow ' or , or anything else. You can also prevent SQL injection attacks. You may want to google "SQL PARAMETERS"
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    HELP! MS Access Sharing

    What is the best way to share an MS Access Database. I keep getting "Operation Must be an Updateable Query" In my code in the connection string I have specified the location on the network where the access database is located. //POS1/C/DB/myFile.mdb I can read the data via the network...
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    Help with registering OCX's

    I will try registering using regsvr32 but the strange thing is that using the VB.NET installer, it didnt actually do it. In the installer build I saw this error: WARNING: Unable to create registration information for file named 'CoMsr18.ocx' and it was listed 7 times for each ocx...
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    Help with registering OCX's

    Hi. I need some assistance with a VB.NET Deployment. I wrote an app for a POS System. Each Piece (cash drawer, printer, pospole) came with an ocx. When I run my program on the live box, it says that the CLS ID ...... is not registered. I thought the project setup will automatically take care of...
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    Help with Raising Events for Dynamically Created Controls

    Hey Guys, I was all excited that I can programmatically create command buttons by dim newbutton as button controls.add(newbutton) Now! How do I get code behind a command button that was dynamically created? Thanks Ali
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