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    Graphics interpolation issue

    Use InterpolationMode. None of the modes you listed are relevant to your question. TextRenderingHint might have been if you were using Graphics.DrawString, but it doesn't apply to DrawImage. The mode you need for resizing an image (e.g. with DrawImage) is Graphics.InterpolationMode. The "best"...
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    Question Double Buffering Custom Drawn ListBox Items

    Do you have the listbox anchored or docked so that it resizes whenever you resize the form? I have been doing a few tests and it seems that even a well-filled standard ListBox can flicker a bit when you resize it, and a custom drawn one seems to be even more prone to laggy redrawing. Making the...
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    Question Double Buffering Custom Drawn ListBox Items

    I can't see why it happens but try setting DoubleBuffered=True as I suggested. ControlStyles.OptimizedDoubleBuffer only works in combination with another ControlStyle (UserDraw if I remember correctly). But the use of SetStyle statements for this purpose was superseded by the DoubleBuffered...
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    Question Double Buffering Custom Drawn ListBox Items

    You could if you wanted make a double buffered ListBox by inheriting ListBox and setting DoubleBuffered=True in the constructor. But are you actually getting any flickering? There's nothing in the posted painting code (different brushes, different fonts etc.) that could cause flickering any...
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    Question Draw a line

    You have the right idea. "Me" refers to the form that contains the code. For another form, you have to give the name of the form. BB
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    Question Draw a line

    You should draw the line in a Paint event handler, for example: Private Sub Form1_Paint(sender As Object, e As System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs) Handles Me.Paint Dim blackPen As New Pen(Color.Black, 3) e.Graphics.DrawLine(blackPen, x1, y1, x2, y2) blackPen.Dispose...
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    Question Filter Form Graphic

    That's a useful CodeProject entry, but you could achieve the same result with much less code just by using form Opacity. Here's a code example which works perfectly and also deals with eventualities such as dragging, resizing or minimizing the form. For demo purposes, add a TrackBar (TrackBar1)...
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    Shadow/Glow goes black on invalidate

    There are other ways to do it. I could mention Layered Windows, about which you can find information in msdn and examples in the CodeProject. But in my view they have been superseded by WPF which is more versatile (Layered Windows can't host controls) and easier. It gives you subtle drop...
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    Question Check if image exists in another image.

    This question was resolved on another forum: see here. Cocer, please do not cross post different forums, because it can waste the time of people who try to help you. If necessary, try one first and then another if you do not get the help you need. VicJ (aka boops boops).
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    Question Dial Gauge Meters are not easy to make

    I just meant to give you an example. I tried my code and it works as I intended (I had to change TrackBar1 to VScrollBar1 but I hope you noticed that). You didn't say what the button was supposed to do. I'm not sure if I understand what you say, but I guess you want to start and stop the button...
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    Question Dial Gauge Meters are not easy to make

    Hi Syed, You should do the Graphics in the PictureBox Paint event handler, instead of in the Timer Tick event handler. Instead of using CreateGraphics, you get the Graphics object form the PaintEventArgs (e.Graphics). Assuming you want to draw the gauge in PictureBox1, this is how it will look...
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    Question Make vector graphics file format

    Assuming you want all the lines in the drawing to be antialiased, you only need to set the SmoothingMode once for the Graphics object with which you are drawing on the screen. Windows has its own vector file format (WMF/EMF) but unfortunately the .Net framework doesn't provide a way to save...
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    Question Smooth round borderless form corner

    JB, the question is not how to shape the form but how to smooth its edges. Both TransparencyKey and Region produce jagged edges on curves and diagonals. rarva, the method I suggested in post #2 can work well for a static form on an unchanging background. But it's a bit unreliable otherwise...
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    Simple sprite movement help pretty please?

    Unfortunately I've been very busy myself, so maybe this comes a bit late. You can add lines to the form in various ways. If you have the VB.Net PowerPack for .NET 2003 you could use the the LineShape tool to add lines in the designer. Alternatively you could draw lines in the form's Paint event...
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    Simple sprite movement help pretty please?

    Well done so far Mark. What you are asking about now is called "collision detection" and it's not as difficult as its name suggests. The easiest way is to use the Rectangle.Intersects function, for example: If spriteBounds.Intersects(Label1.Bounds) Then ... 'stop or change direction of sprite...
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