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    date field problem

    hi Actually the field in the oracle is date. This is the way i am writing select * from faults where to_char(to_date(occured,'dd-mon-yy'),'dd-mon-yyyy')=to_char(to_date('"&date1&"','dd-mon-yy'),'dd-mon-yyyy') This is working finein my office pc and not working in my home PC.The date...
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    date field problem

    hi I am run small sql command to extract the data from oracle from my problem is, while executing the command it displays the error msg as day of month should be 1 and last day of the month.but the same command execute on oracle it works very fine.What's the problem. Please...
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    How to change the TextBox height

    hi My problem is i want to change the textBox height whic is already set as 25 in VS 2005 i want to change this to 15.How is it possible, if any body having the idea regarding this please help me. Thq...
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    Add textbox to the panel for each buton click

    Thq But, It is working fine in the case of .I want to add the controls dynamic in the also i was tried so much to get this.Ever time new control was add but the old control was not a there.
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    Add textbox to the panel for each buton click

    Hi My task : I want to add new textbox to the exixting panel for each click on the button. Error : For add new textbox the previous textbox was disappear. Please help me how can reach my target.
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    How to get the current page textbox text

    Added textox to the table cell after page reload it disappear Hi ViewState.Add("flag", 1); TableCell tc = new TableCell(); TableRow tr = new TableRow(); TextBox t = new TextBox(); t.ID = "TB" + ViewState["flag"].ToString(); t.Text = "Venky" + ViewState["flag"].ToString()...
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    How to get the current page textbox text

    Hi My problem is in the textbox control i was print sth.I want to print this text in the same page after post back(i. buton click).How is it possible . plz help me.
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    Dynamic addition of control to the placeHolder

    Hi Here is my code in the page.ispostback dim t as new TextBox"Td"&ViewState("ind") t.text="TB"&ViewState("ind") 'PlaceHolder1.Controls.add(t) i=Convert.int16(ViewState("ind"),Tostring()) PlaceHolder1.Controls.addat(i,t) viewState("ind")+=1 With the above code each time i was...
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    numbering a repeater rows

    Try this it will work at the same time give the result which fashion you need <%@ Page Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="True" %> <html> <head> <script language="VB" runat="server"> Sub Page_Load(Sender As Object, e As EventArgs) If Not IsPostBack Then...
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    Need help again... llooping

    // write & run this in console application Dim i As Integer = 5 Do Console.WriteLine("WOW") i = i - 1 If (i = 0) Then Exit Do End If Loop Console.ReadLine()
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    Interview FAQ

    Interview FAQ on .NET hi If any one having the idea regarding the interview FAQ online ebooks and documentation please help me regarding this any information. Thq one and all
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    Random no. generation

    hi first of all thqs to all,If any one having the idea regarding the random numbers generation code plz help me.
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    Interview FAQ

    hello Anybody having the idea regarding the interview FAQ website or documentation please help me. Thanq venkat
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    How to open the attached item in the application button click

    Thanks for quick reply But my requirement is automatically get the current application path,Even though after deployment the project in different location. Below is the code what i am using. I think it is lengthy ,Is there any short form of the same work. try { Process p; String s...
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