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    Programming Channel

    Would you watch a channel on your local cable network dedicated entirely to programming? If so what programs would you like to see on it?
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    What do you think of the Office 2007 "Ribbon" Menu?

    Its a bloody nightmare. Documentation is so limited. It gives you an example of what they want you to develop with it, not what you can actual do with the darn thing. I will never touch a ribbon with a 10 foot pole.
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    Would you agree with this statement?

    I dont consider it stealing code if someone published it on the internet for others to view or published their code in a book. I mean how rarely do you see people publish code and then write underneath it "Do not use this code, its mine!". Hahahaha.... I see your point though, I have lots...
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    Vb.NET bugs

    Basically that error is telling you that you have not declared anything for "s". It knows it is a string object, but it doesnt hold any value.
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    Still not getting the interfaces, Please help.

    Great. Thanks Neal for all your help. :D
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    Still not getting the interfaces, Please help.

    Ahhhhh I see. So basically it doesn't add code. its just a template so you don't forget what that class HAS to have in it in order to function. so if class1 and class2 both implement an interface IMyInterface that has a sub called "MySub" that should have x lines of code in it and you need...
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    Still not getting the interfaces, Please help.

    I have read 3 books on interfaces. Studied 6 web sites on interfaces. Read posts in this forum on interfaces and I am still not getting it. I am a very intelligent person, but for some reason interfaces to me are like ...well?... Interfaces. Here is an example to get someone started to...
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    101 Visual Basic .NET Code Samples

    Great Link Paszt!
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    (#) in front of code???

    Thanks JohnH. That was exactly what I was looking for. Didnt know the name of it. :)
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    (#) in front of code???

    I also saw that if it is in a method its a way to comment out a chunk of code located in "IF, elseif, else, End if, const". like the following will not execute, it will skip over the IF statement.... #If Debug_Level = 1 Then Debug.WriteLine("Entering IsPhoneNumberValid(" &...
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    (#) in front of code???

    AHHH... Thanks. I see. I think you are right because this just saves time in the book to give examples as to write out a method every time it gives an example. Thanks ss7thirty!
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    (#) in front of code???

    I have been developing apps for a long time. I am studyging now for a windows app position and while I have been reviewing code, I came across this in a wrox book and it didn't state why they all of a sudden started all lines of code with a number sign(#) i.e..... #If True Then...
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