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    Flicker problem (looping)

    Try something similar to this: In any case, I guess you would have to create a control inheriting from PictureBox, and set it's ControlStyles.DoubleBuffer to True. After that, just use it as you would a...
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    VB.Net 2005: treeview control

    Recurse through the directories, and save the entire tree to an XML file.. for example, you could have something like: <Node Name="MyNode" FullPath="Node1\Node2\MyNode" Selected="True" Expanded="False" />and so on, for each node in your treeview. Add any properties you need, and rebuild the...
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    wait while image loaded..

    well.. isn't multithreading a solution? Start a new background thread, and do your calculations there, I guess... Anyway, isn't there a way to post your code, so that I could have a better guess as to what exactly is the problem?
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    Steps to Learn Dot Net

    That depends on what you want to do for starters. Learn Windows Forms, it's easier (at least that's what i've done).
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    New to VB

    Not at all. In fact, there are features of VB that VB.Net doesn't have, and viceversa. So, just learn VB.Net, it makes the job easier.. As for tutorials, just see the MSDN documentation, you should be able to make something of it.
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    Software Needed from here, you can download an ISO image, so that you can keep it on a CD, and even install it on computers without an Internet Connection. BTW, the ISO has 400 MB, but it has the advantage that you don't...
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    New CD catalog software

    I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but... :p : I have recently begun a VB.Net application project... it goes about a disk scanning and indexing application, something like WhereIsIt. First of all, i can't think about a name for it (all the good ones are taken)...
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    Retrieve stuff from DLL

    I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but... First, I would like to know how to create a DLL which contains a specified image as a resource. Until now, I have used .bmp's and .png's, specifying a path to them. Which takes us to my second problem: how can i retrieve a graphics...
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    TabPage problem in .Net 1.1

    well, I guess I passed onto .Net 2.0 anyway, so i'm just going to use the new tabcontrol. Anyway, if you have any suggestions...
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    TabPage problem in .Net 1.1

    Hi. My problem is, if I use a TabControl with TabPages, and use a manifest to apply the XP Style to the entire application, only the TabControl is rendered properly. The TabPage is shown simply as a rectangle filled with his backcolor. How can I get the TabPage to display just like in, let's...
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    Manipulating A Window Region And Using AnimateWindow

    Why don't you try seeing this one: It goes about displaying any control(placed on a separate form) in popup mode. But it also uses CS_DROPSHADOW, and the animations seemed to work pretty well... PS: If it works, I won't tell anyone I'm smarter than you :D
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    How to display Tooltip in HTML format on Winform.

    what do u mean by HTML Format? Please explain. Do you mean the <alt> tag?
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    Animate a Window.

    If we're talking about animation, I have one question. I once saw a small app which, when closed, broke into 4 pieces, and each piece "flew" towards a corner of the desktop. Any ideas on that pls?
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    Desktop Intergration

    vis781, I don't think a loop would be the solution. I mean, what if i open a new window while running my app? Wouldn't I have to run the entire loop again? Anyway, u know the help in MSOffice; it resizes the main program window accordingly. Would that be what howester77 wants, 'cause I don't...
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    How to show an AutoCAD file in a VB form

    just see the acad help. i know from experience that there is also some help for the vb api (or search the damn acad namespace that came with your program)=))
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