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    Draw a square

    Hello all, I am just starting working with graphics and I would like to draw a square and then place an image on it. My long term goal would be to create a 3D square and place pictures on it with the ability to click any picture on the square and run code to change the picture. Thanks, Ty
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    Active Directory

    I am creating a front end search app for AD. I have two functions both of which work, however they both have some faults. I generally search with a either a partial name, first name, or last name so I need to use wild card searching. This first function returns data however I cannot figure out...
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    Hide, Disable Internet Explorer close button

    Hello all, Our organization just went to a web based time clock solution. We have discovered a major flaw in the application. If a user closes IE by using the X - close button without logging out then next user is automatically logged into the previous users account. We have instructed users...
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    Best way for storing Data n a win form app

    Thanks for the time. I'll check that out. Ty
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    Best way for storing Data n a win form app

    I have an app I created that currently writes data to a sql db that I created and included in the app build. I did not really think this through as the app fails on another PC then I realized that I would have to install sql express on every computer which is not very user friendly. So what are...
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    Problem with datagridview showing DB data changes

    I am building my first Winform that uses a datagridview. I have used the ASP.Net gridview with the sqldatasource control many times. Here is the setup. I have a SQL DB file. I program adds data to the db. I have a link on my main form that shows my second form which has 3 datagridviews. Now...
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    Application build icon

    Hello, I was just curious. When I build my application and look in the debug folder I expected to see the exe with the icon that I specified in the project settings however; it was just the generic icon. Is this normal or am I missing a setting? Thanks, Ty
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    Service starts then fails

    More information The log line is only written on the first start of the service. If I start the service again it never even writes the log file line. If I uninstall the service then re-install it and run it same thing the log file is never ran. If I uninstall the service then recomplie my...
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    Service starts then fails

    I have a service that I created. The first thing it does is write a line to a text file. It is then suppose to run some functions that are in classes. The service starts then an error box comes up that the service failed stopped and that some services stop when the processing finishes. The main...
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    Question onstop

    Threading You are going to have to use threading for you transactions. Then you can check the thread.isbusy to see if work is being done. Threading can be a monster and more involved that I want to post here, but there are lots of code examples out on the net. Ty
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    Question Create a Windows Service in VS 2008 Pro

    Some thoughts I had the same issue when I tried to use the installutil.exe the first time. Then I found that I needed to add an installer to the project oddly enough with the same instructions you posted. When I built the project I had the ProjectInstaller.vb file selected. I wouldn't think...
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    Question Deploy to Test Server

    Follow these steps Assuming that you have added an installer to the project. Build the project. Navigate to your project folder and find the executable file usually in \bin\debug\MyService.exe Simply copy this file to the test server. You use the installutil.exe to register and install the...
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    Question creating window service which writes system information to a text file

    Try this Download WMICodeCreator. This will not only do what you need but if you change the output language it writes the code for you. Ty
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    Math Percentage

    Well that was simple enough Thanks! Although I wonder why I cannot get the same from the WMI code. Ty
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    Math Percentage

    mmmmmm.. Manster, Thanks for the help. Soemthing is just not right so I thought I would post all my code so it can be tried to see what others get. First this gets the total memory of the PC. Private Function GetTotalMemory() As Long Dim lngtemp As Long Dim lngReturn...
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