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    Connect to Web Database

    I have an ASP application with a MS Access backend. I want to create an app that can connect to that database. Is this possible and if so can someone show me what the connection string would look like??
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    View Network Shares

    I'm completely lost when it comes to C#. I can't even get that sample to run right. I complie it and get a dos screen and can't type anything into the window. Also no cursor.
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    View Network Shares

    Hello, I'm a web developer for my company and my network admin asked if I could develop an app that would show all network shares and information about those shares. The information being whatever is available. Has anyone developed anything like this? Can anyone point me in the rght...
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    Newbie to

    I'm currently using the Visual Basic 2005 Express application to test out some things. I seem to be having trouble figuring out how to link a datagrid based off one table to link back to a form based off a different table. Tables: Employees Train Form: txtfield: EMP_NUM - EMPLOYEE TABLE...
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