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    Binding complex objects arraylist to a datagrid

    I have an arraylist of myObjects. Each object have some simple propierties (int,string) and a propiertie who is a collection(arraylist). I create a dataGridTableStyle that ONLY show simple propierties,but when I bind a myObjects arraylist to a datagrid then show me OK all my simple propierties...
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    How can I minimize all my forms??

    The code is very simple. I have 2 or more window forms.From form1 I open with showDialog() form 2, and from form2 I open with showDialog form3...... class Form1 :System.Windows.Forms{ ..... private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { Form2 f2 = new Form2()...
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    How can I minimize all my forms??

    It don't run because Me.Parent.WindowState is a null reference from form2.
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    How can I minimize all my forms??

    First of all thanks for reply me. I dont't know what are default options that you are telling, but when I open a form2 with showDialog() from another form1, if I minimized form2, the form1 still in his normal state, it doesn't minimaze by default. Sorry for my poor English, I'm from Galicia.
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    How can I minimize all my forms??

    I have an aplication with many forms. I always show forms with showDialog() method. I would minimize all my opened forms when I minimize the last form open. How can I do it??? Thanks.
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    DataGridTableStyle.allowSorting don't work

    I bind an array object to a datagrid with this code.But I can't sort columns. <code> //Create a array object CUsuario[] listaUsuarios = objUsuario.listaUsuarios(); //Create a datadridTableStyle DataGridTableStyle usuariosTable = new DataGridTableStyle()...
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    crystal report show me mgsbox "Invalid Keycode"

    I register by WEB my visual studio 2003 crystal report, I used register number and keycode which they sent me to my email,but now I can't open any report. When I try to open it show me a mgsbox "Invalid Keycode" and a gray screen. How can I register again crystal report to write the correct keycode?
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    Adjust datagrid width size with dataset fields size?

    First of all I'm from Spain and my English is very poor, and I'm new in this forum so excuse me if the post isn't in the correct thread. Could I fixed the datagrid width with the dataset fields size?. In ASP.NET when I bind a dataset to a datagrid the dataset cover completely the datagrid size...
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