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    Reading Sequential access Files

    Is this where you're trying to display the record? lb1.Items.Add(strNumber & strState & strManager) If so, then it is inside an If..Then statement that depends on the value of txtStore.Text. Without knowing what txtStore.Text is, I can't tell you if the code will work. But if you step...
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    Reading Sequential access Files

    Try adding a breakpoint and then stepping through your code to see why the record isn't being displayed. Tony
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    Inserting Data to a read only Data Grid

    If you are binding to a DataSet/DataTable, create a DataView for the table. On the DataView, set the AllowNew property to True and the AllowEdit property to False. Tony
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    ADODC find method

    Move this statement: adoData.Recordset.MoveNext() outside of the If...EndIf. In the future, try setting a breakpoint and then stepping through your code. You would see that the MoveNext is never executed. Tony
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    uptill now No Correct Answer(runtime binding with server of the data base)

    Nasir, This is the 4th thread you've started on the same issue. And still you're problem is not clear. Does the attached file actually work on your development machine? Tony
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    Datagrid (null) help

    You'll have to add a DataGridTableStyle to the grid, and then add DataGridColumnStyles to the table style for each column that you want displayed. Under the column styles, you'll find a property called NullText. Clear it out or put in there anything you want. All of this can be easily...
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    Decimal's in a Label.

    Is this Results label databound? If so, look into the Binding.Format event here: If you're just setting the value manually, try this: Results.Text = (x /...
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    Binding picture box problem?

    Nevermind, I think. It looks like you are checking for invalid or empty paths, but you aren't changing the return value when this happens. Try doing something like this: Private Sub MyPictureBox_FormatImage(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ConvertEventArgs) If Trim(e.Value.ToString) <>...
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    Binding picture box problem?

    This looks familiar. 1. Does the error occur at the line: picBook.DataBindings.Add(b) in the BindFields method? 2. What's the error message? Tony
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    Dynamic Main menu

    If you're looking to have a menu that dynamically shows the open windows, check out this link: Tony
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    Mystery code

    Think of it this way: If Len(StringVariable1) = 0 Then BooleanVariable1 = True Else BooleanVariable1 =False EndIf Tony
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    Where is IsInitializing property?

    Check out this link: Tony
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    NumericUpDown and GetNextControl - "Value" not supported in .NET framework?

    I was looking at the help and I think this is how it should work: Dim thing as Control = Me.GetNextControl(price1, False) DirectCast(thing, NumericUpDown).Value = 5 Tony
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    Problem in Binding Data to a Control?

    I don't have anything to test this code on, but here's my best guess: Dim b as Binding = New Binding("Image", MyDataSet.MyDataTable, "DataColumnImagePath") AddHandler b.Format, AddressOf MyPictureBox_FormatImage MyPictureBox.DataBindings.Add(b) Private Sub MyPictureBox_FormatImage(ByVal...
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    Problem in Binding Data to a Control?

    Binding.Format is where you format your data from the database prior to displaying it to your user. For instance, a database value of 1.2 can be displayed as $1.20. Binding.Parse is just the opposite. It "unformats" the displayed value prior to writing it back to the data source. As in the...
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