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    crystal reports xi parameters with photo

    hi guys. im trying to create an employee record with picture as a report. im saving the picture to the database by its path. im showing the picture on the report using a picture then using the path from the database field. my problem is. i cannot seem to pass a parameter from to my...
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    [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

    i get this error: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied. i used to work with my project at home and everything is working fine but when i ran the project at work this error showed up. dont know whats causing it. im sure i changed the server name...
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    help please on a report

    but how will the fields show up while still on design mode?
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    help please on a report

    i use typed datasets in my project. but i want to use this typed datasets in my reports. how do i do that? i think i did that already but now i cant, i forgot how i did it. any help will be much appreciated. thanks.
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    chart printing

    well i dont know where to post this but... i have an MS Chart control on my form. and i want to print that it is printed in the whole paper (8.5 x 11). i can print it but my problem is i dont know how to print it for the whole page, puting chart1.pagesetup too doesnt help too. thanks
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    Build Output Path [Please Help]

    i had no luck on deleting and adding a new button. although when i made a new project with same controls and image (did not copy from the other proj) the problem never occured. thanks.
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    MS Chart Printing

    Dont know if this is the right section to write this thread on but i would like to ask anybody how to first show the printpreview dialog and then the PRINT dialog when using MSCharts PrintingManager..thanks!
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    MSCharts to Crystal Reports

    any way to show my MS Charts on a Crystal Report Viewer?
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    2 database? one local and one on server.

    can i have like two databases? one from the server which will be the main database and the other one will be on local that will be on the users computer? im using MS SQL Server 2005 on the server.
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    images on buttons gone??

    thanks for the reply. although i dont remember changing this property.
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    images on buttons gone??

    i have a problem.. some of the images on the buttons are gone, some are not.. tried setting the image through code and or by property in design view but still no good. it happens in toolstripbuttons too.
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    Build Output Path [Please Help]

    guys please help me.. here is my situation: i have a button on my toolstrip and it has an image on it. first it was looking fine and without any problems. then all of a sudden when i debug the proj the image is not shown but the other buttons that have an image are OK. i even tried putting the...
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    crystal report database fields blannk

    ok i finally found out a solution for my problem.. i just made the fields in my table to "not accept null" and then i set default value to '' hope this could help somebody. thanks guys.
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    crystal report database fields blannk

    well my command query is like this: SELECT * FROM tblEmployee WHERE SystemID={?PSystemID} SELECT * FROM tblPersonalInfo WHERE SystemID={?PSystemID} then my code to call the report is like this: Private Sub cmdReport_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles...
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    crystal report database fields blannk

    i have a report that has database fields.. if all of the fields has values the report is show without problem. but if one field is blank from the database then others will not show up as well. im passing a parameter by but i dont seem to understand why other fields will not show if only...
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