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    SQL Update

    Your connectionstring is botched. 1) Missing the Server keyword, 2) you've got quotes in the middle of the string. try for the correct format. -tg
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    syntax error near apostrophie

    better still, a parameterized query.... safer and easier. -tg
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    How do I become a programmer?

    Item 1 above clearly shows why an ejumicatsun is imperative. Had he had the smarts ahead of time, he would have attended a state college and could have been trained in all kinds of stuff he'll never use for a lot less than $100k. It should have been $60k tops. And that's for good quality stuff...
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    Finding the max date

    select max(date) from yourtable where groupid = 1 -tg
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    SQL LIKE statement with querystring

    Alternative: SELECT * FROM [mailer] WHERE subject LIKE ('%' + @S + '%') I've successfully used this construct. -tg
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    what is the proper sql update statement for this

    That's the key to anything.... use the right tool for the right job for the right reason. In the case of a grid of parents, which when clicked will display child records else where, then it makes sense. BUT.... in the case of our current app, that wouldn't work because it isn't grid based. A...
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    Automate Unzip Function

    You creates s as a string in the loop.... but then try to use it as the index value to the array (which is expecting an integer, not a string).... Since s already has the text from the pathList.... it should be this: x.ExtractZip(s, strFullDirectoryPath, "csv;xsl") -tg
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    VS2005 VB.NET/Crystal Rept. help pls.

    When creating controls at runtime, they need to be added to the controls collection of the parent container. Form1.Controls.Add CrystalReportViewer1 needs to be added to the code.
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    Messagebox: creating a new line

    Thanks for reinforcing a long held belief about this board. I shan't bother it again with my drivel. -tg
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    Messagebox: creating a new line

    ick, that's the VB6 compatibly talking there.... preferred method is Environment.NewLine. Dude, that's so old school... welcome to the 2000's! And FYI... a carriage return simply returns to the front of the line.... well, it's supposed to... it's the newline (chr(10)) that actually moves to the...
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    Need help with simple IF statement acting up

    for nchar and char fields... yes... those are fixed length fields..... if you want variable lengths, use nvarchar or varchar. edit: if you .Trim what comes from SQL, the trailing spaces will be trimmed. -tg
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    Messagebox: creating a new line

    Building upon cjard's lesson there, the reason for this is that strings are what is called "immutable". Meaning they cannot change. Once they are set, that's it. You are probably now going "Wait a minute! But... But..." When you concatenate strings together, what really happens is that a NEW...
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    Need help with simple IF statement acting up

    TRy changing it to this: If pass.Equals(compare) Then .... In addition, by default... it is case sensitive. IE, "ThisPassword" is not the same as "THISPASSWORD" ... the Equals has a second parameter that you can send in to tell it to ignore the case. If that doesn't work, look at the...
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    Download Crystal Report Tool For Visual Studio 2005

    Depends on the version of VS2005 you have.... It should have come as part of it automatically. Maybe it got missed during the install? -tg
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    Your logic is wrong.... You've told it to see if item 3 is null ..... and item is not null..... so if both are filled in, or even if just item 3 is filled in, you get your messagebox. What you really want is this: If Not (objReader.IsDBNull(3) And objReader.IsDBNull(4)) Then -tg
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