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    You can use the system.web.dll and the system.web.mail class to generate email and or check email. T
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    copy and rename files

    Here is what I do: 1. Rename the class to what you want it to be (in Code) 2. Save as in the file manager 3. Close the class without saving all set. just my opinion T
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    Help again... on a componet in .Net that would send sms messages

    Simple Fix You can use the system.web dll to email just about any phone out there. Here are the address' Sprint: Verizon: AT&T: T Mobile: Nextel...
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    Need help

    No Problem Glad I could help
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    How to? FAST multiple file copy (200+ files)

    I find it odd that you can use to move an entire directory but cant copy it. anyway the code below will copy several hundred files in under a second using loops and a filecopy function. I alos threw the function on a new trhead so the app can keep doing other things...
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    Controlling a CAD-program (SE 15) using VB.NET

    Some thoughts have you tryed declaring your calss with events? I often have this issue when conrtolling other apps. Also the files that you got from the vendor, are they just com objects? if so I think that would be where you need to declare them with events. It looks like the events you are...
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    Need help

    Simple fix Just create a function called buildstring or something and call it in each dropdownlists SelectedIndexChanged() function Here is source code: ... PrivateSub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) HandlesMyBase.Load 'populate dropdownlist...
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