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    The forum must be broken.

    Except Except it wasn't spam, or irrelevant. It was a potentially useful link to a sourceforge project. The email gave me a summary of the missing message, see, so that's how I know. So why the hell was it deleted? Seems the street is broken. Perhaps someone should fix it instead of posting...
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    The forum must be broken.

    Well, this is weird. According to my email, someone repled to this thread. But there are no replies shown on this page. The forum must be broken.
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    Question How to erase or write ID3v2 tags to MP3s

    Hi. I know some people have asked similar questions before on this forum, but none of those threads seem to address the problem I'm having. I already have code to read ID3v1 and v2 tags. That's not the problem. I open an IOStream, locate the ID3v2 header and pull the bytes out. Handling unicode...
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