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    ODBC - basic tutorial?

    Ok, never mind last post. I now know what the idea is, i have created an empty access database that i have connected to through it's DNS entry, and now i would like to have the code for adding some rows and columns to the totaly empty .mdb file, and to have a datagrid to show its entire...
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    Odbc - what now?

    Hi. Untill recently, i knew absolutly nothing about ODBC in CB.NET. I have googled up how to gain access to the "ODBC database Administrator", and added a DSN entry of the file i had in mind (named "test.mdb"). I created the file using something i found on the net: Dim cat As New Catalog()...
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    Hi again! I went to the registry, via "regedit", then to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Classes/mailto/shell/open/command I then changed the path to Outlook to the path of notepad.exe when i then tried to clik on a e-mail ( on my webbrowser, notepad...
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    Thank you very much for your quick reply! That was new information for me, regarding default e-mail clients. I am totaly new to that. I need to know: 1) How do i creat a .exe that "qualifies" as a e-mail client 2) How do i register it as 'a' e-mail client in the registry 3) How do i...
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    Hi! Im new here, and since i could not figure out where to post this question, im posting it here. When cliking a E-Mail on a web browser, Outlook starts. The web browser also sends the E-mail of the intended person to outlook. I have been tasked with doing a .exe, and to name it Outlook.exe...
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