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    right cab to use

    hi, i have a movile device runing windows ce 5.0 the cpu is a: intel ARM920T-PX i try to install the right cab for: Sql Server Compact Microsft Net cf 2.0 microsoft sql client 2.0 i can´t deploy using activesync because the usb connection for some reason don´t work :( thanks for your help :)
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    datagrid change columms width

    hi, i using for creat a pocket app i using the datagrid for display data now i need change in runtime the width of some datagrid columm. how can i do that? thanks a lot for your help :)
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    XML problem with special characters

    hi, i try save/load a XML with special characters like this: ão ção ólá when i save nothing goes wrong but when i try open using internet explorer or any software they result in a error in that characters. the header that i using is this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <dataroot...
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    how change height of a datagrid colunm

    hi, how can change a height of a datagrid colum in compaq framework? i load a result to a datagrid using a query but some results don´t fit in column and i need change the height manualy, so there is a way to auto arrange that height for display all text? thanks a lot for your help :)
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    see what key was pressed

    hi, thanks for your help but i have done that but this don´t detect the keys that i press. my device is this: H15 and i want detect when the F1 F2 F3 F4 and others are pressed so i think if with a api i can do that? thanks a lot for your help :)
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    hasp dongle in pocket?

    hi, i have a dongle key working in vb6 and windows now that i nee buy a app for mobile device the hasp dongle also work in pocket pc? thanks a lot for your help :)
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    see what key was pressed

    hi, i have a pocket pc that have some special keys and i need detect when a key is pressed in my program. how can i detect the keys that is pressed? i have tested in a textbox change function the box detect all keys except that special keys there is some api to look for alk keys that´s is...
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    sql server ce query question

    hi, thanks a lot for your help that´s work fine thanks ;)
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    read and write values in registry pocket pc

    hi, i looking for a way to read and write values in registry pocket pc using so far i have this: Public Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002 Public Const REG_SZ = 1 Public Const DELETE = &H10000 Public Const READ_CONTROL = &H20000 Public Const SYNCHRONIZE = &H100000...
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    sql server ce query question

    hi, the colums of the stock_products are: stock codartigo date and the colums of the products are: id codartigo date thanks a lot for your help :)
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    sql server ce query question

    hi, i have two tables products that have the name and code and stock_products that have the current stock and i want in a single query see the especific value of the table stock_products for example from table one: code of product and from table two the stock of the product in secund table i...
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    How do I access iSeries db with ODBC

    hi, i have the same problem have you found a solution? thanks
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    Connect To Access

    hi, there is any way to do this but in a pocket pc? thanks for your help :)
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    convert pdf to jpg

    hi, i looking for a way to convert a pdf file to a jpg file. solutions as or free batch utility are welcome any one know one? thanks for your help :)
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    webrequest login apache with folder username/password

    hi, i have the following code working fine: Dim request As WebRequest = WebRequest.Create("") Dim byteArray As Byte() = ASCII.GetBytes(query) query ="data=1" ' Dim byteArray As Byte() = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(query) request.ContentType =...
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