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    executing function on form 1 from form 2

    This will work: Module Module1 Public frm1 As New Form1 Public frm2Open As Boolean Sub main() frm1.ShowDialog() End Sub End Module Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click If Not frm2Open Then...
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    Updating a combo box immediately

    Is there a close method that should be used for the database connection?
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    executing function on form 1 from form 2

    Not sure, but I believe this prevents any more events from occuring on frm1 until frm2 closes.
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    This example plays a sound from a file. Example Public Class SoundClass Declare Auto Function PlaySound Lib "winmm.dll" (ByVal name _ As String, ByVal hmod As Integer, ByVal flags As Integer) As Integer ' name specifies the sound file when the SND_FILENAME flag is set. ' hmod...
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    writing binary data to word file

    Why not just save it as .txt, then open the .txt file in Word?
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    LEFT Function?

    I use Strings.Left(...
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    how download accelerator works

    The only solution is to buy more RAM. Is there a reason the entire 80 MB file needs to be in RAM?
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    about message boxes

    I struggled with code trying to verify input the way you are describing. As TPM suggests, it is best to use the lostfocus event.
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    Noob Math Solving Problem..

    VB has great built in debugger tools. Set a breakpoint in your code using F9, then run the program and proceed step by step with F11. Move the mouse over variables to see their values and go from there. Good luck!
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    Updating a combo box immediately

    What code are you using to update it? Couldn't you use ComboBox1.Items.Add(.... or something similar?
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    .NET Listbox bug?

    When I run the following program, the listbox does not scroll correctly. When clicking below the tab on the scroll bar (i.e. quickly scrolling) the scroll animation appears backwards: When scrolling down, the items should appear to move up, but they move down. Anyone have some insight? To...
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    richtextbox - insert picture and make uneditable

    Let me know if you figure it out... I'd like to know too.
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