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    Exception Handling in 3 tier

    thanks for your idea i think all of u have a similar idea that we should send param to presentation layer(UI). and there handle Error.i thought to use session that means when An Error happened i set value for session and in each layer check
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    Exception Handling in 3 tier

    some we send data from inner layer thanks for your suggestion it is very good but, some function from inner layer should return data object like datatable,how we can control to return a variable or a dataobject like datatable. Regards A.Doroudian
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    Exception Handling in 3 tier

    i am working on a application that is 3 tier And i want to have customized "Exception handling" the problem is that when i am in "DataAccessLayer " i.e,how can i stop continuing operation and making a userFriendly Message with "try Catch" block you know that "thrown" method doesn't make user...
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    hi i have a syntax to use data objects. when i need paging i use dataset. when i need data whole without paging i use datatable(forexample next & Previous) when i need a simple load data i use datareader please tell your opinion about this method it is very important for me. Regards...
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