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    Change "My Computer" context menu

    How can I add or remove an item from the 'My Computer' context menu? I am building a utility that operates on the files showing in the 'My Computer' window and I was wondering how I could add an item to the context menu to link to my application.
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    Calling functions from dlls

    I'm new at using dll files. I cna create them fine, but how do I call a function from a dll in the main application? Also, how do you (assuming that it is indeed possible) change the value of a variable in the main application from a function in a dll.
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    Dlls and main menus

    Ok, that could work. I'm still messing around with a few ideas. Hmm, thnx anyway. :)
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    Dlls and main menus

    I have an application in which I need to weekly update one of the menus in on the main menu bar. I had figured that I could compile the main application and then use a dll file to build the menu item. The problem is that while I can call the entire form from a dll, I can't find a way to bring in...
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