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    to serialize usercontrol in

    hi, I want to serialize usercontrol object in In that usercontrol a picturebox including with image in it and textbox . I could follow one point that usercontrol base is not serialize give solution atleast with eg thanks
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    how to make user control transparent in

    hi, i stuff in usercontrol overlapping here i have two usercontrol in form but when i draw they overlapped in given position.But the problem is i cann't view the usercontrol which in beneath sorted out any solution to it thanks
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    retrieve line drawn using drawpath

    hi, some lines of code i am attaching , here i face problem is i can detect line with mouseevents using the drawpath () the problems is ,to detect no of line whether i should declare no of path simultaneously when i draw another line, starting position cordinates it get from previous...
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    selecting line drawn during runtime

    hi, I have a line that is drawn during runtime. How can i select this line? The reason being I need to provide an option to delete this line at a later stage by selecting it with the mouse. thanks.
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    adding a custom control to clipboard

    i have a windows.forms.usercontrol on my form. i need to add this to the clipboard and paste it on another form. I need to know which format to use while getting the usercontrol from the clipboard.This is to be done during runtime. Thanks.
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    problem with transparency

    HI, Pls view attachment. I have a windows.form.usercontrol with a picturebox in it(usercontrol3 in the attached diagram) . i placed this usercontrol in a windows form along with other usercontrols.Problem i face is that the usercontrol obstructs the view of other conrtols objects placed under...
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