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    checkbox with datagrid

    hi i want to add a checkbox with it possible .if so can u tell me how will i add checkbox with datagrid thanks and regards sevenbellls
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    to get checkedbox with datagrid

    i want to get checkedbox with datagrid in thks and rgds svenbells
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    stored procedure for inserting a field in to database

    i want stored procedure in sqlsever for inserting a field to database thnks & rgds sevenbellls
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    sample code for displaying in combobox from sql server

    i want to get a items from database(sql) in combobox which is selected from another combobox by using selectedindexchanged mysample code is given below Dim str As String = "select product_quantity from stock where product_name='" & DropDownList2.SelectedItem.Selected & "' " Dim cmd As...
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    query for gettin a string starin with particular alphabet

    CAN U PLZ FORWARD THE "query for getting a name starting with paritcular alphabet in vb." MY SAMPLE CODE IS GIVEN BELOW Dim str As String = " select * from stock where product_name like '" & TextBox1.Text & "''" & % & "' " thnks and rgds sevenbellls
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