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    Design A Menu Based program

    You mean that the text "Large" is displayed as normal (10 px)?
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    Sending Encrypted message between client and server

    UTF-8 is not really an encryption... It's just a unicode format. Maybe giving some of your code might be useful, cause I (and perhaps many others) don't really know what could be the cause, if we don't know what your code does...:)
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    An event for Data arrival with .NET Sockets

    Sorry for the late reply. Could you explain me how to use your sub? I did this: * At the point the asynchronous receive should start: Dim ar As IAsyncResult ReceiveData(ar) I also tried: ReceiveData(Nothing) , it gave me the same result * The...
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    An event for Data arrival with .NET Sockets

    Re: It gave me an error: Method 'Public Sub DataReceived()' does not have the same signature as delegate 'Delegate Sub AsyncCallback(ar As System.IAsyncResult)'. When using this code: frmMain.ASock.BeginReceive(clientData.SetRawData, 0, 8194, SocketFlags.None, AddressOf DataReceived...
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    An event for Data arrival with .NET Sockets

    Re: Thanks a lot. Is there perhaps a way where i can dynamically set the buffer size (such as the size of the received data), or should it always be done in blocksizes, e.g. 1024, or so...? thanks a lot
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    CSV (Comma Separated Values) to DataTable

    Hi, I need to convert data which is stored in a string as raw data (Comma Separated Values) to a DataTable, which should then be added to a dataset. Is this possible, and how (without having to write the data to a file)? Thanks a lot
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    Control properties of a .NET class

    Hi, thanks a lot for the answer. Now i get the point a bit more. As you told me about the WithEvents keyword, i tried it out: Private WithEvents test As New Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp) But this doesn't work: it underlines the word test, and...
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    Control properties of a .NET class

    Hi, I have been searching a lot, but didn't find, a solution for a quite sticky problem. Since in VB.NET almost everything (e.g. Sockets) have become classes instead of *visual* objects with events, i cannot control data anymore in a socket. I'm posting this question here, because it might...
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    Easy-to-use XMLLIB

    Hi, I'm writing an app that has to store data, Favorites (that includes Server Name, Server Address, Server Port, Username, Password (MD5) ). I was thinking about using XML since that would be the most structured way to do it, as i assume... Is there somewhere a good and easy to use library...
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    An event for Data arrival with .NET Sockets

    Hi, I'd like to bind an event (or a sub or so) to the Socket.Arrival property, so that when this value changes (Data Received) the sub or event is called. How can I do this without using timers or polling? Thanks a lot
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    INI files

    Thanks, I'll see if I'm able to deal with it!
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    Trying to access controls on one form from another

    Normally, you can access objects on other forms than the MainForm (I call it this way...) by doing this: (I know this is very annoying, I had a similar experience when I started on VB.NET (I always used VB6)) The reason why you should do that, is because Forms are not longer objects, which can...
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    INI files

    Hi, I'd like to write code for my software that is able to read a configuration (for multiple languages, so it will be language files) from an INI file. Lot's of application do that, and this way, it is very easy to translate your app in many different languages. An example: [Executables]...
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    MD5 Hashing

    I transformed your Sub a bit so that it could be used as a function, but it still gives only 24 characters (while an MD5 should be 32) and still with the weirdo signs in it.... Thanks
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    Two arrays. Can someone help. I'm stuck

    I wrote a function, but you'll need a second one too. I think the code is quite clear: Public Function TotalSales(ByVal dtePurchaseDates() As Date, ByVal decSaleAmount() As Decimal, _ ByVal strMonth As String) As Decimal Dim i As Integer Dim MonthNumber As Byte =...
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