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    New to Socket Programming

    NetworkStream.Read Ok, that makes sense then. I didn't know that the Read operation would block until it actually gets something to read. I thought that if there was nothing to read it would just return 0.
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    New to Socket Programming

    For years I've been wanting to take the time to learn about network programming and sockets, and I've finally been able to take a look at it. I've found various learning resources on the net, but they all seem to use the same examples... "a simple chat program" or "a simple echo program"...
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    Socket in Window Application

    Asynchronous Sockets The reason it works in a Timer is because the Timer runs in a separate thread from the main application thread. You can accomplish the same thing using any threading techniques. Check out the MSDN documentation on asynchronous sockets, they have some examples of servers...
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    Simple Data Binding to Multiline Textbox

    I've got 2 controls on a form... a DataGridView and a TextBox. The DataGridView is bound to a BindingSource object, which I'll call MyBindingSource, which is bound to a DataSet. I'm handling the CurrentItemChanged event for MyBindingSource, and in the handler I call a function of a...
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    Tabbing Question

    No, that's the strange thing about it. No, actually it's not. The DataGrid itself is nested pretty deep. I've got 2 splitters that make for a 3-panel view, but I've also got panels within the panels for docking. The DataGrid is in a panel by itself. The really odd thing is that the...
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    Tabbing Question

    New to '05? Is that property something that's new to VS 2005? Because I'm using 2003 and I don't see any properties similar to what you're suggesting.
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    Tabbing Question

    This may be a really simple question, but I can't get it to work for some reason. I've got a form with a datagrid control on it. And I want the datagrid to relenquish focus to the next control in the tab order when the user hits the tab key, rather than the default behavior of tabbing to the...
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    OdbcDataAdapter Fill operation causing program to crash

    Already did The call actually is in a Try... End Try block catching OdbcExceptions. But the operation is causing something similar to a GPF (remember those??), and the Catch block never gets a chance to execute. That's why I'm thinking it's a driver problem. It would have to be something...
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    OdbcDataAdapter Fill operation causing program to crash

    I've got a program that's using an OdbcDataAdapter to connect to a MAS 90 database. I use the Fill method to populate my local DataSet, which has global scope. This is done when the program loads, and works fine during loading. The problem comes in when I try to refresh the data. I get a...
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    File Not Found exception when deploying on web server

    I've got a Windows Forms application that's working like a champ on my local machine, and I wanted to put it on one of our network's web servers and deploy a "launcher" application to install on all the client machines that would be using it. I've copied all the necessary executables and...
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    Bypassing Outlook security warning

    I've written a very simple routine for sending mail using Outlook 2003. I'm using it to send notifications out when a user makes a change to data in the application. But there's one rather large annoyance with it... every time my application attemps to send a message, Outlook displays a...
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    Visual Styles gone retarded

    Helps, but has some side-effects Not a bad component there. But it's basically doing whatever it wants to do with my read-only textboxes. Even if I turn the visual style enhancements off for them, it still messes with the colors and stuff. I suppose I can live with that, though.
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    Visual Styles gone retarded

    I've been working on a program for several weeks now, and I'm programming with VB.NET on version 1.1 of the .NET framework. I'm enabling visual styles by using the EnableVisualStyles() method. This has worked fine until now, and I can't think of anything I could have done to break it, but all...
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    SelectedIndexChanged annoyance... what am I doing wrong?

    The Form Sure... why not? The code's not as tidy as it could be, and it definitely won't be functional, but you should be able to make out what I'm trying to accomplish. Change the extension to .vb and you should be able to browse it using Visual Studio.
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    Insert command should work... but it doesn't.

    I know how to construct an InsertCommand for a DataAdapter so that the adapter updates the identity (autonumber) field with the value the database assigns... but for whatever reason, I cannot get it to work. Check it out... here's how I've set up my adapter: Dim...
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