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    Question Searching Hard Disk For Files..

    I am going to develop a antivirus software and i want to scan the files.. so i want to get the files one by one into a Label I Already use this code to get add the files to a listbox But It did not Help For me... Because it is adding Whole Files to a List Box at Ones.. Private Sub...
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    "Resource Section"

    Hi I Got this Same Error tooo, But When the First Time I Complier My App, It Was OK After that I Format My PC and Installed Windows, Then I Got This Same Error.. I Want to Know Why ?? and When I Changed My Icon It is OK.. But I Cant Change my Icon Because I Released My Software v1.0 in With...
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    Watch inside of a EXE File ??

    do you know a way to watch inside of a exe file ? i want to get a exe file's inside cording to a text box IS ENY ONE KNOW ABOUT THIS @ THE HOME ??
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    Visual basic code to setup your program to expire after 30 days

    No.. It is Too hard to Discribe... But I Recomend the Software Named "Setup Factory" you Can Setup Your Software with Setup Factory and It can expire your proggrame after someone Installes your app. That is the Easyest Way.
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    create files during intsallation

    Simply you can write click in the Solution Explorer and you can add files manualy but i Recomended that you dont use the Setup and Devolopment to Setup Your Programe Use Win Rar or Setup Factory Its Easy
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    Question delete read-only files and folders

    It Can't Be.. If You Find "Microsoft Scripting Runtime" in the Com Tab, That File Definitly Exists on (C:\Windows\System32\scrrun.dll) Try Again!! Because that File is a Important File For Windows and It cat be Missing or you Getting this msg again tell me I send you that File give me your...
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    Question How Do I Make a Programe that Can't End Process in Windows Task Manager ??

    No.. My App Like a Windows Service, and Its Only Visible in Task Managers Processes Tab Only. By the way do you know a way to make my program in visible in the Processes Tab in the Task Manager as a System Process ??? Because when we try to end process a System Process We Get Only a Blocking...
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    Question How Do I Make a Programe that Can't End Process in Windows Task Manager ??

    I have made a Antivirus Software and I want to do that Please help me, I have searched internet for months and i did not find a Way Sachith
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    Dim Icon1 As Icon Icon1 = New Icon("Application.StartupPath & "\icon1.ico") NotifyIcon1.Icon = Icon1 By Sachith
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    Question how can i block web site

    yap dood, your english is too bad how ever you have to edit the host file that you find in the forum its like this if you dont no the codes to change the host file then tell me
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    Question delete read-only files and folders

    Go to project>>Ad Reference @ the com tab you have to find the "Microsoft Scripting Runtime" then click OK after that you have to type Dim fso As New Scripting.FileSystemObject fso.DeleteFile("File Path", True)
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