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    Hot to wrap a Vb.Net class as a VB5 class

    I think you may need a COM-wrapped .NET DLL, that you can add a reference to in your VB5 project. I'm not sure how this is acheived, but this may point you in the right direction
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    FileIterator class needs to dig a little deeper

    Brilliant - that has done the trick :) thanks very much for the help here's my solution....... Private Sub populate(ByVal includeSubDirs As Boolean) 'create a directory Dim dir As DirectoryInfo = New DirectoryInfo(pathway) 'pass the directory addFilesInThisDir(dir) 'call recuresive...
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    FileIterator class needs to dig a little deeper

    I'm trying to write a FileIterator class, and what I need to do is list all the files in any given pathway include all subdirectories, digging as far as the hierarchy goes. See my code below, and the problem is that it only searches down one level of the folder structure. Any help appreiated...
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