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    How to Change Default Wait Cursor?

    Try this ... I assume you mean in an CF app (VS2005-WM 6) ?Try this Cursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor 'do stuff ... ' when done - return to default cursor Cursor.Current = Cursors.Default Cheers! Rob
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    Windows Mobile 6 - Treeview issues

    Intellisense does not show .Contains I was recommended to not use legacy vb - and I agree - it's a good idea. But programming using the Compact framework ... For example "If n.Text.ToUpper.Contains (sFindItem)" But when I code If n.Text.ToUpper. I enter the dot but intellisense does not...
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    Question Cab deployed to emulator every time

    HI: I am using mobile 6 SDK - Every time I run the app in the emulator the Framework cab is deployed to the emulator. I have tried saving the emulator state ... but the cab is still deployed each time - Is there a way to stop this ocurring?? I have cradled the emulator and done a cut and paste...
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    Windows Mobile 6 - Treeview issues

    Thanks Thanks for the suggestions ... Where are you in the UK - curious?? My resistance is unbelievable, even for me ... the whole OOP thing has been foreign from the getgo ... and I am SO GOOD at writing unending embeddeded VB6 LOOPS and FORs and IF/ENDIFs ... and I still make a good living at...
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    Windows Mobile 6 - Treeview issues

    Thanks InertiaM I see you're from the UK - I'm in Philly - but originally from Hornsey,N.8. - but I waffle! ... Thanks for your response - curiously (or not!) the code did work in VB6 - I am old VB6er and am having THE worst job moving to VS ... I will give your suggestions a try - Do you or...
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    Windows Mobile 6 - Treeview issues

    Hi: I am using VS 2005 with WM 6 professional SDK to develop PDA app. I am using the treeview ... a couple of problems: 1. When I loop thru the nodes to search for a node using the following code I only see the parent nodes whereas a nodecount gives 38 I have 3 parents, 6 children and 29...
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