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    Question Weird problem with strings

    The second parameter of Substring() is the length of the substring, not the end position! Info.template = input.Substring(x + 10, y - x - 10) You may also wanna have a look at the System.Xml.
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    New to GDI...Need Help

    Why don't you just place a control directly over the video control, and switch is Visible-Property?
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    MessageViewer - Industry "Trend" Question

    @jimcilhinney: I think he means how to write a log. @jsurpless: And? I mean, who cares? I've done both things, outputting messages at the top is taking away the need to scroll, but might be confusing if you output the same thing to a log file. America/Europe is a Top-Left to Bottom-Right...
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    Question How do I extract a 48x48 icon from an exe?

    Have a look at this CodeProject article.
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    Large image eating away at my memory

    The picture needs at least 600+ MB RAM just to be shown...though, you could try to 'trick' the picturebox. Check how much the memory is if you load it as an Image (Image.FromFile()), if this is way less then showing it, then you could crop the image to fit the picturebox. Implement the scroll...
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    Question Date Problem...

    Oh god that hurts...please turn Option Strict On! Label1.Text = Date.Now.AddDays(Convert.ToInt32(NumericUpDown1.Value)).ToString() ' splitted down Dim daysToAdd As Integer = Convert.ToInt32(NumericUpDown1.Value) Dim tomorrow As Date = Date.Now.AddDays(daysToAdd) Labe1.Text = tomorrow.ToString()
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    file.exists ?

    Do yourself a favor and Turn Option Strict On. To find the highest number, something like this should work pretty well: Imports System.Convert Imports System.IO ' ...your function... Dim allFiles() As String = Directory.GetFiles("yourDirHere") Array.Sort(Of String)(allFiles...
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    Runtime Event Handler Giving Trouble

    c1 <> Class1 You're assigning the events to Class1 instead of c1...also, this won't work if the class is initialized after the events were added.
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    Transfer real time data from vb 2005 to excel

    Declare it as Private variable in your form: Public Class HereStartsYourForm Private _rowCounter As Integer = 0 ' or any other default value you need ' ... here follows the rest of your code
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    Transfer real time data from vb 2005 to excel

    Ahm...string concatenation? oSheet.Range("A" & Me._rowCounter.ToString()).Value = TextBox1.Text oSheet.Range("B" & Me._rowCounter.ToString()).Value = TextBox2.Text Me._rowCounter += 1
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    Restore Mysql Database

    You can't do pipelining within a Process-Call...that's a 'feature' of CLIs. But you could use mysqlimport.exe and/or mysqldump.exe for such operations.
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    Netstream buffers

    There is no data behind the available one... Example: Dim buffer() As Byte = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6} Dim readBytes As Integer = 0 readBytes = netStream.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length) ' readBytes will now contain the total amount of read bytes, let's say three... ' our array will now look like this...
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    Netstream buffers

    BufferSize is not equal to the amount of data in the stream. The Networkstream has the DataAvalaible-property, which tells you that there's data to read, and the Read-Function itself will tell you how many bytes it just fetched into the array. Bobby
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    Use installutil with space in the path

    InstallUtil "C:\APP Code\Service.exe" Bobby
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    Question help get text from browser

    Ends/StartsWith() does return a Boolean and not an Integer. Turn Option Strict On and you'll see the problem. Use IndexOf() instead. Bobby
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