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    Linking combo boxes

    I have a Visual Basic .net front end to an sql 2000 database. In one table I have two columns called department and category. The accounts department has different categories that are applicable. So on my server I have a department table, a category table and an accounts category table as well...
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    XML relationship

    Hi I am accessing an sql server 2000 database with a visual basic .net frontend from visual studio .net 2002. I have a parent and child table (more specifically a calibration table and calibration attempts table) in my form I am displaying the calibration then have a datagrid to display the...
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    Masking the time of datetime

    Excellent Thank you very much for your help, worked a charm!!
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    Masking the time of datetime

    Unsolved This doesn't solve my problem as any changes to the date that appears in the cell makes the dataset think it has changes, when it doesn't.
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    Masking the time of datetime

    I have a windows form bound to a dataset. That is filled by an sqldataadapter which gets its data from a table in sql server 2000. In my table on sql server I have a date column, when I view the data in sql server it only displays the date not the time which I know is also stored there as...
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    Security Policy System.Diagnostics.Process.Start

    Hi I have some code that uses System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("CD1.pdf") in using .net framework 1.1 to open a pdf this works fine locally but when I try to run the application from another machine on the network I get a security exception to be specific an argument exception telling me...
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    DataBinding could not find a row in the list that is suitable for all bindings

    Hi I am developing a front end to an sql server 2000 database in using visual I have used dataadapters to populate a data set with the data I want diplayed as well as its lookups. I have a form showing a signal record at a time by binding the text box's and the combo...
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