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    Access to SQL

    I must have misunderstood. I thought you were talking about transferring the data from access to SQL server.
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    Data Access Object Patterns

    Would a separate module work? You are building this in access is that right? What's your overall objective? To store the connections somewhere like pooling?
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    global DataSet and DataAdapter...HOW?

    So you want to use these objects on multiple forms, yes? Why not just modify the properties of these objects with each form?
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    Data Access Object Patterns

    I'm a little confused by what you're trying to accomplish. I guess you're trying to store multiple objects in another object, yes? If so, in the parent class you can declare a collection variable. Then you can add the other objects to that collection. Hope that helped.
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    Access to SQL

    I know you can create a link to the SQL server in the access database. From there I would use queries to copy the data over to the server.
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    Installation Defaults

    I'm creating my first setup project for my administrator to install. One thing he wants me to do is to set the default to install for everyone to access rather than just for him. That way he can do a silent install. Is it possible to set that default?
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