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    VS2008.Net3.5:What event for a textbox to open a new form?

    I have a Windows Mobile6 Device application in VS2008.Net3.5Compact Framework. I have a textbox in my Form1. By clicking this textbox, I want to open a new form(a keypad) to enter data into the textbox. What will be the event for this? textbox.Click does not work for .net3.5 Compact. I also dont...
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    Error:Value does not fall within the range

    Hi: I have a VS2008.Net3.5 application developed for WM6 handheld device. When I run the application it opens up the CompName form with data from the database(SQLCE). From CompName, I click to go to CompItem form to see item data from the DB. Now when I try to go back to 1st form CompName from...
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    VS2008 string format problem for SQLCE db

    I have created a table mytable in SQLCE which 2 colums col1 ,col2. col1 = numeric,Length 5, Allow Nulls=No,Unique=No,Primary Key=Yes. col2 = nvarchar,Length 35, Allow Nulls=No,Unique=No,Primary Key=No. In my VS2008.Net3.5 VB code: Dim outletInsertCmd As SqlCeCommand...
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    Form not closing

    Hi: I am hiding the form from this calcel method and then opening the calling form. Thanks
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    Form not closing

    In the FormClosing event, I just have MyBase.Close. The button code first tries to hide the form. But its NOT hiding the form. The code works perfect in VS2003. We are updating it VS2008. But does not work. See the button code: Private Sub cbCancel_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e...
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    Form not closing

    No.It does not work Me.Close(). I am using VS2008 .Net3.5.
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    Form not closing

    Hi: In my one form I have a cancel button whcih is supposed to the form when the button is clicked. But its not closing the form. What could be possible reasons. I am using VS2008.Net3.5 The code is: Private Sub cbCancel_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)...
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    RESX file is empty

    I have a VS2008 solution. I added a new form and added some controls on this form. When I opened the resx file under this form, there is nothing in the resx file. The resource file is empty. What could be the reason. Thanks
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    Reading XML file and modify in VS.Net

    Hi All: I have a directory which has some "XML Configuration File" (as shown under type in folder in explorer). But in the directory none of these files show the extension .config. The directory files are like C0150,C0150_new,C0200,C0200_new and more. I need to change only 1 attribute of each of...
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    For Each Loop

    Hi Wells: Thanks a lot. I did it a diff way. Thanks for your input.
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    For Each Loop

    Thanks a lot. All cells in this range have numbers. But as they are in Excel, I thought I can get them as String. C is anything as we do in VBA in FOREACH loop. I dont know how can I change all the cell values in this range to a string "-" if the cell value is 0.
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    For Each Loop

    Hi Anyone: Why this is wrong and what is the alternate way to do it. xrange=CType(xlSheet.Range("A10:A15,B10:B15"), Excel.Range) For Each c In xrange If(c.Text ="0") Then c.Text="-" End If Next ---Thanks in advance
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    Excel in VB.Net

    Hi Paszt: Thanks a lot. I found some syntex error and its working now.
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    Excel in VB.Net

    Hi There: How can I change these VBA(Excel) code in (a) xrange.Borders(xlDiagonalDown).LineStyle = xlNone xrange.Borders(xlDiagonalUp).LineStyle = xlNone (b)With xrange.Borders(xlEdgeLeft) .LineStyle = xlContinuous .Weight = xlMedium .ColorIndex = xlAutomatic End With I was...
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    Data Adaptor problem

    Hi There: A very new with I am working in VS.Net2003 and SQL server. I created a Stored Procedure in SQL. I ran the procedure and its giving me all required data in SQL Query analyzer screen. The data order is same as they are in the temporary table in the SP. Now I created a Data...
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