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    how to write to file

    I tried this, but with the string.split, you can only split on a character, not a string, i.e "<appsettings>" also, i need what is in between <appsettings> and </appsettings> this is basically an xmldocument, but i was treating it as text for easier manipulation...maybe I am going about this...
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    how to write to file

    ok, i found this thread, and its close to what I am needing, but not exactly. I have two config files, one old, one new. The old config file will be read (for a specific portion <appsettings> thru </appsettings> all of the lines in that will be written to a file then I want to open the NEW...
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    Order By I have a dataset made up of several datatables with the same schema. i was wondering if there is anyway to order these rows by multiple columns now, before i export them to xml. DS(column names) "client" "StartDate" "EndDate" "Status" "Priority" "Description" "Type" I would like...
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