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    Process Launching Bat Not Working

    I thought about that initially, but my paths number in the hundreds, and grow every day =\ I'm trying the simple->complex stepping now, but if anyone has further thoughts I'd love to hear them...
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    Process Launching Bat Not Working

    Alright, so this one has me stuck. My setup is this: Server/Client service using TCPClient/Listener. Client sends the Listener a path to run. Listener using Process to launch that path locally. This works fine on one machine. However on another I am having a terrible time. Code to run the...
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    Using PC time

    You may actually need to consider using the GPS devices time. If you are running this @ multiple locations, the "current time" on the PC's @ each location will likely rarely match exactly. I know my two machines I'm sitting @ right now differ by a minute most of the time. You could try...
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    Question Classes

    One of the wonderful things about object oriented programming is the ability to nest. You simple need to create another class that represents the Profile, then store that within the xStudent class. Pseudo code Public class xStudent Dim studentProfile as New Profile End Class Public Class...
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    Question some general questions

    No problem at all really. Like I said the community here is great and will help you where we can. Gather up some base knowledge about the questions you've posted above from either the boards here (the search function on these forums always serves me well), or Google like I mentioned. Once you...
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    Question some general questions

    Don't take this wrong, but these seem like 5 questions that have been cut and paste from a homework assignment. Generally the community here tries to help its member develop their skills by improving on posted code and thoughts through conversation in a thread, while here it doesn't seem you...
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    How to extract text from string

    While harder to understand than the string parsing solution Jaden provided, Regular Expressions are great for this sort of thing. This will achieve basically the same thing, pulling out the Long/Lat, but uses .NET's regex engine which should be more efficient. (Especially if your doing this...
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    What is it exactly that you are questioning? The code above seems to be valid for the results you give... Are you trying to NOT reverse the string perhaps?
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    Bayne, first off welcome to the boards, glad to have you! Secondly, rather than waiting on a private contact, go ahead and post your questions as you come to the here on the boards so that more people can help you, and later more people can benefit from reviewing the threads when they may have...
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    Big xml

    Are you only able to use Studio 2003 and .NET 1.1 as indicated by your preferences; or would you be able to implement your solution in Studio 08 and .NET 3.5?
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    True Randomization

    For those on Studio 2008 LINQ offers a beautiful new alternative to generating this list: Dim rnd As New System.Random() Dim numbers = Enumerable.Range(1, 100). _ OrderBy(Function() rnd.Next) That's it! More details on this functionality here: Advanced Basics: The LINQ Enumerable Class...
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    XML Parsing Prob

    Yes sir. Just remember, LINQ is basically a new way to interact with data stored in any type of object. Where previously you could only do 'queries' over SQL databases, now you can do them over anything LINQ can interface to (which is most everything). If you need more helping understanding...
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    XML Parsing Prob

    Alright, so along with Studio 2008 comes the ability to use LINQ over XML. This gives you a powerful new way to use XML documents over the previous DOM models. So, you could restate your code approxamately as follows: Dim ListOption As String = "Greeting" Dim EWordList As New List(Of String)...
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    XML Parsing Prob

    Samboy, would it be possible for you to post a snip from the XML file so I can see the structure better? Also, can you confirm your platform of Studio 2008/3.5 is accurate? I believe I can help you with a very easy solution given these two things.
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    As this seems to be an early app for you based on previous comments you will likely want to use the BackgroundWorker object, rather than true multithreading as it accomplishes many of the same things without as much hassle. You can find a decent BGW example here: CodeGuru: Safe Multithreading...
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