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    Use combobox to select data to show in datagrid

    I am trying to create a small inventory app. I am using a combobox on my form to select a category title in a database. I want the datagrid to only show records with that category title. I already have the conn,data adapter and dataset configured to show all records from the database in the...
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    Deleting from datagrid

    Thank you very much for all the help. The way you explained everything was alittle easier to understand than the help files. The code you suggested worked perfect. Thx again.
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    Deleting from datagrid

    Ok. I think I found what you were reading on the Datagrid class help. I am still not sure how to assign the primary key to a variable. The thing is that when I write the code to do this and then insert your code VS keeps telling me that "value of type System.Data.Datarow cannot be converted...
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    Deleting from datagrid

    What do you use in lieu of datagrids?
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    Deleting from datagrid

    I am not quite sure what you mean by Why would I need to do this? And is there any examples that you know of rather than you giving me all of the answers. I like to read up and understand what I am doing. Thx
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    Deleting from datagrid

    I would like to say thanx for the help. Where would I put the code that you suggested in your last post?
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    Deleting from datagrid

    Here is the code that I am using. Private Sub btnDeleteExecute_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnDeleteExecute.Click Dim i As Integer rtd = dgMovies.CurrentRowIndex Try DsMovies1.Tables(0).Rows(rtd).Delete() i = daMovies.Update(DsMovies1) Catch ex As...
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    Deleting from datagrid

    I made a little app for a friend with a very large movie library(DVD,VHS,etc.). He uses it to catalog his movies and to keep track of which movie he lent out to which person. The app uses a datagrid with 5 columns(ID#,Title,Genre,Comments,Who has it.). The datagrid is sortable. When first...
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    Import textbox.text from form2 to form1 textbox

    I have 3 textboxes in form2(Setup) and I want the text from those (2) tb's to be used by form1(Main). The text is to be used for a webrequest. I am using visual 'form2(Setup) tburl.text = "some web address" tbcmd.text = "cmd=user_xml" 'form1(Main) tbemailaddress.text =...
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    Rows #'s i for a datagrid

    I was wondering if there is anyway to number the ro headers that pertain to rows with data/info in them.
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    Need Help with creating a simple payroll form

    Take a look at this. It is a book I bought to learn Visual Studio .net. The language is visual basic .net. It should cover most of what you need except for the tax part. When I have a free moment I will try to figure it out. Public Class FrmWageCalculator Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form...
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    VB .NET and Microsoft Access - Basics

    One way to do it.... Create a OleConnection to the database. Configure an OleDataAdapter to that db with sql statements. Then generate a dataset with the OleDataAdapter. Add a datagrid the the form. Set the datasource property of the datagrid to the dataset you created. Then set the...
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    deleted in data set not in database

    I have a couple of ?'s. Is the database a MS Access DB? If yes, do you have a DataAdpater configured to that database (ie with sql statements? And did you use that same DataAdapter to generate a dataset for that db? How do you view the db? I just got done with an app for my friends company...
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    Getting info off of website

    I am really new to programming. I only started a few months ago and I am trying to teach myself. I using Visual Studio 2003 mainly visual basic. What I want to do is get data off of a website address( The info will change...
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