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    String array manipulation

    Answered Many thanks Ian and solitaire. I will need some time to understand what you have given me and more importantly why. PS I am using VB2012 both Option explicit and option Strict were off but are now on.
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    String array manipulation

    I am developing a random password generator. Producing numbers by a random search of an Integer array is no problem, however when I try to use strings i.e. letters of the alphabet I hit problems. The number of characters needed for a password is input through selection from a list box. The code...
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    Loading a richtextbox the text in an MS word Doc

    Hi John thanks for your response I have looked at the file created by the first part of the code and it is recoeded as in Rich Text Format
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    Loading a richtextbox the text in an MS word Doc

    Thanks for your reply johnH See my code below The rich text box text is sent to a folder and generates a word doc using this code. And I have cheched it exsits. path =Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.MyDocuments) & "\CardIndex" (I have given this info just show how the file...
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    Loading a richtextbox the text in an MS word Doc

    How do I load the text in word document with a known file path into a RTB
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    Question Saving Files issue

    Thanks Lotok worked a treat PS Like your blog Best QADUDE
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    Question Saving Files issue

    The following code creates folders named "Index" and inside index a folder named "A" and works ok Dim Path As String = "C:\Users\Dave's\Documents\CardIndex" My.Computer.FileSystem.CreateDirectory(Path) Dim A As String = "\A" SavePath = String.Concat(Path + A)...
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    Question Can I do this with a loop

    I have an application which uses 26 checkboxes and requires a checkbox to be set to checked when its associatand button is pressed and all other checkboxes set to unchecked. The code I am using is shown below, not too elegent can I use for next loops to achieve the same. Private Sub...
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    Question Why can't I load a lostboxfrom an ms doc list

    I am developing an application where a listbox is loded at form load. This runs ok with a .txt file however if I try to load similar .doc files nothing appears in the list box. Any help with this isue would be much appreciated
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    Question Lost RTF file

    My application requires the saving of the content of a RichTextBox to tile. This I can achieve, however after closing the application and then re-running it, the file exists indicated by the ms word icon but the file is empty, the text from the RichTextBox is lost. Any help with this problem or...
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    Question Control context menues

    Hi I have searched the forum for threads looking at control context menus and found none. An application I am developing uses rich text boxes and I cannot see how to invoke the context menus. I need cut, past, copy, bold, italics etc. Can anyone help?
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    Convert a string variable to constant

    I am developing an application which initially allows the user to browse and select a save location. The selected path is assigned to a public variable which is used with concatenation to crate folder for saving user input data. How can I change the path string to a constant so the user can run...
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