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    bind existing combobox in datagridview?

    Hi, Im developing a windows application(VB.NET) application. Here i have added a combobox column inside the datagridview. I have the Combobox in column 2 I have to dynamically fill the combo box when column1 combo box is selected. For ex Column1 Combobox1 - If i select Tamil Nadu Column2...
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    how to resize font style in dot matrix using dos command?

    hi all, i used a print.bat file to print the text file(view.txt) by using dos printing commands in dot matrix (Wipro) printer. now i want to resize the font in some places, so what commands i would use for this purpose? already i using Chr(27) & "E" for bold welcome any links regarding this...
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    Question DataGridView Focus

    hi virgel! thanks for your kind reply. it works fine.
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    Question How to Use Report Viewer?

    hi all, i am developing an application using as front end and SQL Server 2005 as backend. i want Report view in my application, am using DAL,Business, process layers. my question is how to bind Reportview using .rdlc file? or how to use report server in SqlServer 2005 for generating...
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    Question DataGridView Focus

    Hi All, i am using DataGridView for Data binding. it works fine. i wrote a coding retrieve current row's DATA when press enter key in DataGridView it works fine,but when i pressed enter key datagridview focus is move to next row, so that it will retrieve the latest focus data, but i want data...
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    Sending SMS problem

    yeah. that is problem. port is open, but no action by the phone, phone sends data, but SMS doesn't arrive. any solution for this? can you assist. thanks for you reply
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    Sending SMS problem

    thanks for reply just try the code as in attachment. thanks
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    Sending SMS problem

    Dear All! i `m developing an application in for sending SMS to the clients. i`m using the Motorola E8 GSM modam for this purpose. AT commands works fine when using the command in HyperTerminal,but i use this my; it doesn`t work. herewith i attached my code. Reply me as soon as...
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    '---Select----' is first items in all combobox!

    i using VB.Net to developing my application. in forms i have comobox, in combobox datas are filled by using datasource from process layer. i want '--Select--' is first items in all combobox. but i tried my ways, i cann't bring it. any solution, pl share with me. thanks in advance.
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    Question Share SQL server DB in Other machine?

    Hi All, i developing an application in as front end, sql server 2005 (Enterprises) as back end. my application run without problem in developed system. while i am try run application in other system using LAN connection. Application throw the exception in database connection. i tried...
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    Sending SMS problem

    if any sample code for sending sms from mobile to another mobile through hi all!, i am developing a application for a hospital in they want to send patient result to their mobile nos. my question is any way to send sms using MSCOM? if yes pl. send the details or links regarding...
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    Datagrid bind using objects

    hi! i created a class i invoke the class as object in vb.forms i want bind object(parameters) to datagrid when return as arraylist from methods in form_load. i want to bind arraylist to datagird in form_load. it will bind, the grid show all the parameter from arraylist. but i want few columns...
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    Config Paper Size in VB

    Dim prn As New Printing.PrintDocument Dim pageSettings As System.Drawing.Printing.PageSettings = New System.Drawing.Printing.PageSettings pageSettings.PaperSize = New System.Drawing.Printing.PaperSize("Bill", 400, 600) prn.DefaultPageSettings = pageSettings...
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