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    writing to a sequential file

    for some reason nothing worked so i just wrote a new file to get around it. Any ideas how to make an array with an unknown amount of elements?
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    writing to a sequential file

    Alright, i have one.txt document that we will call sales. we have another that we call bonus. sales contains all of the salesperson's information such as name and total sales. Bonus is to contain the bonuses for the salespeople. with my program, you enter the bonus rate and it applies it...
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    More array troubles

    nm fill
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    Array help

    how to a use an array without knowing the number of elements?
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    String.Replace Help

    try .upper
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    Formating text

    I did a search on how to set the text property of label to bold, the responses didnt seem to help or appeared rather complicated. I took vb6 in highschool 4 years ago and remeber it as beign rather simple. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Help with Focus on ListBox

    thanks to both of ya.
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    Help with Focus on ListBox

    First of all, thanks for your time. My problem is that when i load my form, i need to have the focus set to a string in one of my list box's.
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    Reading Sequential access Files

    never mind, i found where to to loop
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    Reading Sequential access Files

    alright, i cleaned up my code a little and had some success. Now my problem is that when the streamreader runs, it is only reading the first record. I think i have to use a loop or manually but in a end of record delimiter, but im not sure how. Anyways, here is the code for both the write...
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    Leave application

    if your trying to exit the form, you would use me.close()
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    Reading Sequential access Files

    ill try that, but does the code look like it should work?
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    Reading Sequential access Files

    Alright everybody. I have to write a program which writes the store number, location, and store manager to a sequential access file. Im having no problem with this, but the program also has to be able to display a record based on the store number. When I run the program, i receive no errors...
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    quick question

    suppose i wanted to take a name from a text box and seperate the full name into strFirst and strLast, and the display the name reformated. I know that in order to display the name reformated i would do something like: dim strFirst as string dim strLast as string dim strName as string dim...
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