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    Monitoring Applications in

    Hi, I guess your architecture will depend on what work your client are going to perform. If you just need the client to send their status for their existance , just create a Windows service as a server with TCPListener and In your client Exe create a timer which, at a configurable time ,will...
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    stackOvelflowException ?

    Hi, Please see if you have some Cyclic rerefence of Objects that you have created within your code. Thanks, Jay
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    Catch Catch ex As System.UnauthorizedAccessException

    Hi, The statement where you assumed can be error should be within the TRY-CATCH block. Your code should be like this: [CODE] For Each filePath As String In IO.Directory.GetFiles("C:\", "*.ptf", IO.SearchOption.AllDirectories) Try IO.File.Copy(filePath, "F:\" & IO.Path.GetFileName(filePath)...
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    Selecting input masks

    Hi, Your Query " without my code, if a user enters a masked text box, the cursor goes to the end of the value. I'd like the cursor to highlight the entire text, so a user can override the value without having to move the mouse, or keys." In .Net 2003, you can use first TextBox.Focus() and...
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    Need help in windows service Plz

    Hi, You can easily use Odbc in Windows services either in C# or cheers !!! - Jay
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    Creating Schedule Time

    Hi Rinto, Please find follwoing Sample code [CODE] protected override void OnStart(string[] args) { StartWork(); } /// <summary> /// Stop this service. /// </summary> protected override void OnStop() { // TODO: Add code here to perform any tear-down necessary to stop your service. }...
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    How to reflect the record changes from popup window to main window in

    Hi, Here may be you can use Session Variables to Pass Values between 2 forms or use Javascript to Pass value from child(pop-up) form to the parent form. use HtmlHidden Text boxes if you want to store the value and use it in you code. Please see a rough sample for code. here h1 and h2 are...
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    How to display date and calculate age

    Hey, Well If that solves ur Query then its Fine :) - Jay
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    Problems with filemode.truncate

    hey, I tried u r example but that really worked. Is it that the data in the list box ends up with line break or something. What type of data u have in List Box ? May be i can help u - Jay
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    How to display date and calculate age

    Hey, Please see my Inline Comments: I'm capturing date of birth in DateTimePicker ("MM/DD/YYYY" format). 1. How do I display the date into "MM/DD/YYYY"? Jay- a. Add a DatetimePicker control on your form. b. Go to the property Window. c. In CustomFormat Property add "MM/dd/yyy" d. In...
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    Console help / Desktop Question.

    hi there , I tried this one and it works . [CODE] X = Shell("Rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl ,2") [CODE] this opens the appearance tab try it Thanks Jay
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    Help with output on email confirmation code

    Hey, I can suggest u one way for good formatting. Use HTML as body formatting Procedure 1. Create a Template html file template.htm 2. Create the Well formatted text u need to Send. [CODE] Order Number: #Orderno# Qty ProductID Description Price...
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    How to parse WebResponse XML string?

    hi, try this [CODE] Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim strURL Dim objXML As WebRequest Dim strResponse As WebResponse objXML = WebRequest.Create(strURL) strResponse = objXML.GetResponse() Dim sw As New StreamReader(strResponse.GetResponseStream) Console.WriteLine(sw.ReadToEnd)...
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    Deploy Console Application

    Hi Rupali, When you Move up in the Setup Wizard, Select Windows Application. From The second screen Select Primary Output.It will show the Proj from which u need to select the EXE. The Additional Files is useful if u want to add some supporting files with EXE. file any file which needs to...
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    How to Parse Command Line Parameters?

    Hi , Here it is Module Module1 Sub Main() Dim s() As String = System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() Console.WriteLine(s(1)) End Sub End Module Thanks Jay
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