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    Extracting from a Textfile

    i actually meant to split up those lines, loop through lines, and within that loop, through each "field"
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    Extracting from a Textfile

    yes, and the easiest way is to save your data is seperated by commas (or other symbol) so you can use a split when you read each line eg: Dim LineData() As String = ALine.Split(","c) populates an array (LineData) with the values between each comma
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    Resetting boolean variables in array

    yes, i agree with Jm totally, you should not create a 4 by 4 array if you really want a 3 by 3, it is messy coding and wastful, it's like buying 4 cars where only 3 are being driven around.
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    instead of having all those integers, you should have a structure, or a character class, which contain all those integers, so you only serialize 1 character object. selecteditem is correct, what is your actual error..
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    Picturebox autosize error

    Just do it yourself then PictureBox1.Width = PictureBox1.Image.Width + 2
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    Need help developing a "Search" application

    hehe, same thread as other forum ;)
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    Timing System...

    if you are using VB.NET, this is the right section. and yes, of course there is a way, it is a little more involved than you may think though. have the app listen for a UDP packet, (theyll have to have a list of IP's too, so u know where to send it to) when u hit go, send a UDP packet...
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    Moved - what can be done about this

    well "VS.NET General Discussion" and "VB.NET General Discussion" confused me! it's only a 1 letter difference, it should say "Visual Studio General Discussion" or "General Visual Studio .NET" anyway to make it different to the vb one, id say alot of people are actually misreading it as VB, as...
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    Preparing a distribution agreement

    All i can find costs money, fortunetly not much though,54926&document=97849 <-- company to company contract template <-- sorry, that one is QLD specific...
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    Moved - what can be done about this

    ahha, nevermind about the two forum bit, just my bad eyes, first one is VS not VB. VS is the one with all the "Moved" threads anyhow
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    Moved - what can be done about this

    Ok, nobody can stop a n00b posting in the wrong forum, but when i came to this forum i was surprised to see pages full of "Moved" threads (at least in the general forum) Good job the mods are doing shifting these around, however.. when there are so many, it really makes for...
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    string to single

    you should be using a Decimal Dim d As Decimal = Decimal.Parse("00.1851")
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    Ok.. what you need to do, is split your LOAD and SAVE methods into two different subs.. for starters that will make it ALOT easier for us to read.. i find it hard to follow your code, it is too bunched up. I don't think you are understanding the concept though. You only need to Load the file...
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    that's right, an Arraylist is an array of Objects (so anything can be stored in it) and its size expands and shrinks as needed, so you can .remove items or .add items to the array whenever you like.
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    you almost got it, you are saving two arraylists to the file, so you need to deserialize two objects, and directcast them to their arraylist type no need to use a function, your arrays should be declared on a form level, use a sub and just directly use them in the code. one other error, you...
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