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    I've found the perfect affordable Code Signing Certificate company

    Hello everybody, I've been having problems lately with Internet explorer, Microsoft Windows and some virus checkers saying to my potentially new customers that my software might be dangerous to download and install. Well obviously my software is no such thing. I later learnt that to remove these...
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    Windows 8 - What's your opinion

    I completely agree 100%. M$ need to leave Metro for phones and tablets. Sent from my A100 using Tapatalk 2
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    Will there ever be a free ide like for android development?

    I suspect that this is way too late a response for you. I've developed a few Android apps in B4A(Basic 4 Android), it's not free but its developed by a software developer who has created a 24,000+ community of developers using this package to create great Android apps. Lots is these apps are...
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