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    Question Remembering Settings?

    have a look at my.settings - Project-->Properties-->Settings there you can store persistent values
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    Question How to create a new list for my ComboBox dropdown?

    do you want to change the appearance of your combobox or just fill it with new items?
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    fixed String

    Dim ColVal As new String("0", 255)
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    Quick easy question about pausing in a prog

    threading.thread.sleep(5000) ' 5000 milliseconds = 5 seconds
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    Read Only property affects TextBox formatting

    i tried adding a textbox to an empty app. then set it as readonly, + changed the forecolor to red - nothing happened. so i changed the backcolor to black - bingo - forecolor = red. i changed the backcolor back to control - still forecolor = red. so you might have to do something along those...
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    count up/down with Timers

    i meant if you just want to be notified after 4.5 hours. alternatively i recommended the timespan method
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    MP3 Playback

    you could use the multimedia control .com component: mmc.FileName = "C:\Documents and Settings\a user\My Documents\lazy boy (good version).mp3" mmc.Command = "Open" mmc.Command = "Play" 'other commands are - 'mmc.Command = "Stop" 'mmc.Command = "Close" but whether you use the multimedia...
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    count up/down with Timers

    timers (from the toolbox) have an interval property which is the number of milliseconds until the timer_tick event occurs. you could start a timer with an interval of 4.5 hours, or you could use a timespan have a look at this thread for how to use timespans
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    Resizing an array

    yes it will copy element 1 to element 0, element 2 to element 1, element 3 to element 2, etc. then the ReDim Preserve LoginArray(totalUsers - 1), will remove the highest index.
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    post deleted?

    why has my post been deleted?
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    Snakes and Ladders Program. Problem with code.

    yeah i wasn't sure what that was for. should still work if you put it back in.
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    Snakes and Ladders Program. Problem with code.

    theres still plenty of room for improvement but that should get it running
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    Snakes and Ladders Program. Problem with code.

    heres all the changes i've made Imports System Imports System.Drawing Imports System.Drawing.Drawing2D Imports System.Windows.Forms Public Class frmMain Dim P As Integer Dim PN As Integer Dim DN As Integer Dim DorU As Integer Dim WinNo As Integer Dim NowPlaying As...
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    Snakes and Ladders Program. Problem with code.

    i've had a bit of a look at it. i managed to get it running by editing the picDice_Click event + inserting If P = 0 Then P = 1 Else P = 0 End If at the end of the sub before the IncP() call. then in IncP() i've commented out 'P = P - 1 Public Sub IncP() NextPlayer: 'P =...
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    Snakes and Ladders Program. Problem with code.

    its the arrayindex. as i said earlier, you should use either debug.print or just a msgbox in your code to check your variables, (in this case P) are what you expect them to be. then you can trace it back to where P is set
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