Fendi Handbags​

Fendi is an Italian brand name that has been around for over one hundred years. Every fashionista is sure to love a great handbag. Fendi bags are stylish, beautiful and high quality items that will last forever. To ensure quality and consistency many people purchase these at full price. However, the bags are often only available in limited qualities and they can be difficult to come by. As a result, some people choose to buy their Fendi handbags at a discount, rent them, or even consider a replica bag.

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The brand name is a staple in the world of Italian fashion and design. The company was started over one hundred years ago by a husband and wife design team. The couple started with designing and making fine leather goods and fur items. Their business soon took off and their items were in demand around Italy.
In the 1980s Fendi began to appear in the United States. The brand name made its presence known in New York and Los Angeles, before moving across the country. Today, bags bearing this name are available across the country and the world. However, today this brand does not only make leather handbags. The company is also popular for their amazing fragrances, shoes, coats, and dresses.
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Each season the house offers a new collection of items for sale to the public. These items include handbags, fragrances, shoes, coats and dresses. New collections are often only available in limited quantities. These limited quantities leave fashion lovers wanting more. In fact many stylish women find themselves sitting on waiting lists for the latest styles of handbags and apparel.
Since any couture-designed handbag can have an expensive price range of several hundred to several thousands of dollars, it is obvious that not everyone can afford to own one. For those of us that cannot afford to own an authentic anything, there are other options. One of the most popular options is renting a bag. New businesses are popping up every day that offer luxury handbag rentals.
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