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    Office Integation with my app.

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a application where I will need extensive use of word documents integrated with the application,meaning will need to open,edit,save,create,delete etc the word files. I just had a thought if I will integrate MS office librbaries I can acheive this task but what...
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    Web Browser Control: Navigate and Set Document Text as well

    Issue Has Been Fixed... HI ss7thirty, I had already being using the web browser control for opening the images, word doc, pdf etc, please let me know if you want to know how. And my issue is also fixed, I had used the document_completed event to assign text to WB control after it has navigated...
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    Web Browser Control: Navigate and Set Document Text as well

    HI, In my app I am using a web browser control, I am displaying a list of files that are there in selected Directory, when the file type is of some image I do it as WebBrowser1.Navigate(sFileName), the image is then displayed in the Web Browser Control, when there is Word Doc I had code that...
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    Control the ShowPrintPreviewDialog for Web Browser Control

    HI Experts, I am using a Web Browser Control in my application at many places, also I am using WebBrowser1.ShowPrintPreviewDialog() to preview the content of the WebBrowser, Now the issue is I want the size of Window that opens on WebBrowser1.ShowPrintPreviewDialog() to be exaclt...
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    HI, Below link should help.
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    start or activate other process

    HI..AutomationGuy and Moderators I am having a bit similar task, which I am not able to get thru. I'll explain..I have two apps A and B, B is kind of a reminder application which runs in the background..but that is not important here, thing is when App B is open, it has a button which takes user...
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    Question ProgressBar in Grid

    Hi MattP Thanks for the qucik response and the valuable Information.
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    Question ProgressBar in Grid

    Hello EveryOne, I am having a pplication, where I need to send EMail to multiple persons one after the other, what I need to show is the Grid which is populated with the PersonName, EMailProgressBar, Status. I am using the DevExpressGrid so I had been able to bind grids with these three items...
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