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    Combobox Help!!!

    Dear All... A Combo Box Named Report To Which Shows The Supervisers Of The Employee But In The Database This Field "reportto" Should Be Integer Wut To Do In This Case??? What Should Be In The Displaymember And In The Valuemember And Wut Is The Difference????
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    Fill Combo From Databsse

    custom ComboBox that supports multiple columns well this is exactly what i need...any idea about it???
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    Fill Combo From Databsse

    mmmm wut u mean move to an more appropriate forum??
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    Fill Combo From Databsse

    Dear all VB.Net Helpers:cool: , I have a question in a proj am doin:confused: is it possible to fill a combo from a database(am using acess) and i want in this combo to show two fields of a table in the database my table is employee and i want to show in the same combo both the first and...
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    Help In Tooltip+statusbar

    DEAR ALL I HAVE A THING THAT IS GETTING IN MY NERVES:confused: i have a status bar i want to make a tooltip linked to everytime i click on a text book i see it's tooltip in the statusbar i downloaded a demo from the web but i didin't get it they have put 2 tool tip one normal and...
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