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    RegNotifyChangeKeyValue - Before I reinvent the wheel.

    Anyone know where I can find a class to handel aspects of registry monitoring? I'm basically just trying to find the equivilant of FileSystemWatcher but for the Registry. I started writing a class to do the same things using RegNotifyChangeKeyValue and the like from from "advapi32.dll" however...
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    .net and VoIP

    Can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction on VoIP programs in .net? or any other language really. Google really only shows VoIP SDK's and such, but I'm looking for my to the core/from scratch information, how to handle different codecs ect. I want to try to write something along...
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    Reading other windows class information?

    I'm curious if anyone knows a simple way to read information from another windows controls or class? For instance if I wanted to read a list view in Windows Media Player (ATL:SysListView32) to see the selected item, highlighted item, or the general list of items.
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    Sendkeys problem

    Well I managed to find something a bit helpful, altho I was looking for something a bit more simple that probably doesn't exist =D If that helps anyone else, it should do what I'm looking for but yeah... a tad more than what I expected =\...
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    Button Column ID

    Are you looking for the classID? I you can use Spy++ in Visual Studio to find this. Use the Find Window options then you can use the Finder Tool from there and move it over any Button, Text Box, Data Grid, ect. It should show you the ClassID as well as the Windows Handle. Or you could download...
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    Sendkeys problem

    I'm having a problem getting SendKeys to send keystrokes to applications that are basically not windows form styles applications, such as direct3D applications. For instance I want to send the {up} key to a game and make a character move forward, SendKeys does not seem to have the ability to...
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    Get pixel color from screen coordinance

    Figured it out after referencing some .dlls for a couple hours Dim LocalMousePosition As Point PublicDeclareFunction GetPixel Lib "gdi32.dll" (ByVal hdc AsInteger, ByVal x AsInteger, ByVal y AsInteger) AsInteger PublicDeclareFunction GetWindowDC Lib "user32.dll" (ByVal hwnd AsInteger)...
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    Get pixel color from screen coordinance

    Well it is an assumption based off performance of the function, it really might do a billion complex things but I doubt it has anything to do with taking a screenshot. How far away could a process be from reading an image to reading a whole screen? I suppose that is a silly question, but...
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    Get pixel color from screen coordinance

    Hmm, has to be an easier way, I've posted on the AutoIt website asking them how they did it in C++. They have a PixelGetColor Function that is most excellent, and will pick up colors on your screen reguardless of what is running...
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    Get pixel color from screen coordinance

    Alright so I've read about 100 different threads across the internet and none answer this question which has been asked by many. I want to read the pixel color ANYWHERE on the screen via x,y coordinance, I do NOT want to take a screen shot of the screen or anything using bmp.GetPixel...
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    XML Reading Stuck

    I've posted this problem in another form in the databases discussion area on these forms and its not getting many hits, figured I'd try this section I want to read all the occurances of 'Item' into the array Character.Items I've searched at least 50 different XML tutorials an there are...
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    Brain Quit working, XML read problem

    Alright so folling a few tutorials and my school book I was able to read and write several values from XML files, however I came to a problems when I wanted to add the follwing values into the file <Characters> <Character Code="Nezo"> <Name>Nezo</Name> <Level>5</Level>...
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