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    Listening .mp3 Files by clicking a button

    Hello, Does anyone know how can i listen an .mp3 file (from a specific path) when i push a button? For example, when i push a button (btnSound) i would like to open and listen an mp3 file from my hard disk (C:\project\myMP3.mp3) Thank you in advance New1
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    Activate timer after perssing PgUp,Down

    Activate timer after pressing PgUp,Down Hello, does any1 know how can i activate a timer (tmr1) after pressing the keys PgDown,PgUp or the arrows left,right,up,down in a RichTextBox? Thanx in advance New1
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    Color in a RTF Selection

    Hi, :) I am trying to put color in a selected text, inside a Rich Text Box.I don't want color in fonts, but in the background of a selected text (backcolor) With that, i try to highlight (to stamp) a selected (RTF) text My code is: rtb.selectioncolor = but it puts color in...
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    Open Connection in a Module

    Hi, :) does anyone know how can i open a connection in a module with Access? I want to make OLEDB commands (like Select,Delete...). In a module, i can't create a new Dataset,DataAdapter,OLEDBConnection, as i could in a form (from toolbox)... Any idea? Thanx in advance New1
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    Vertical menu like Outlook

    I need it for windows form. Something for free?
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    Vertical menu like Outlook

    Hi, I want to put a vertical menu in my form (similar to Outlook's vertical menu). Does any1 have something like that in an activeX control (or any other solution)? I 've found one (for free) but it is for VB6. The problem is that it isn't compatible with VB.NET (ver2002). THANX in advance NEW1...
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    Hide- Unload form

    Furthermore, the code Dim Frm2 As New Form2 Frm2.Show() Me.Hide isn't exactly what i need at this time, because is hides the previous form but it doesn't unload it. So,in a project, i have to call many forms (form1->form2-->form3 etc) closing the previous and releasing the resources they keep...
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    Hide- Unload form

    First of all, i'd like to thank all of you! Mythol, i copied without mistakes the blocks of code you sent, but when i click (in form1) the button NEXT, nothing happens. I am sure that threre are no errors copying your code to 2 forms, 1 module and 1 class. Moreover, I couldn't open the project...
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    Hide- Unload form

    Hi, I have two forms, Form1 and Form2. I want to load Form2 from Form1 and to hide, unload Form1. (and of course, the opposite direction, from Form2 to Form1) I know how to call one form from another, but my problem is that the first one still remains (unactivated) behind the second...
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