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    Question MaximizedBox resets to true when WindowState is set to maximized?

    7/6/9 Good morning sirs and ma'ams, I am trying to maximize an mdichild within an mdiparent then setting its maximizedbox property to false such that: frm.windowstate = formwindowstate.maximized frm.maximizedbox = false But, the maximizedbox/"restorebox" resets to true after the...
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    create account user

    Yes it is.
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    Office 2007 Child form style?

    I am actually unable to point out what your real problem is. But with regards the scrollbars, you can try playing with the AutoScrollMargin and AutoScrollMinSize properties.
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    Use a custom .config file for defining profiles

    Maybe reading and writing to a textfile might give you an idea.
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    create account user

    Sorry but the youtube site is banned here at work so, I am unable to see what exactly it is you want. Anyways, creating a login form is relatively simple in vb 2005. All you have to do is right-click your project in the solutions explorer then select add>windows form. In the dialog box that...
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    switching forms using tab control

    'Assuming the 4 forms are already shown within your mdiParent Private Sub TabControl1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles TabControl1.SelectedIndexChanged Select Case TabControl1.SelectedIndex Case 0...
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    Save and updation with one button

    Private Sub GingerDoesEmAll() Dim dv As DataView = dt.DefaultView Dim dr As DataRowView dv.Sort = "User" Dim pos As Integer = dv.Find(txtUser.Text) If pos > -1 Then dr = dv.Item(pos) Else dr = dv.AddNew()...
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    Question integer counter

    private sub something() dim discountinteger as integer = 0 for each customer in ??? if discount > 30 and [code to ensure counting for only once per customer] then discountinteger = discountinteger + 1 end if next end sub note: alternatively, if you have a datasource for your customers, you...
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    Convert VB Script to VB.Net

    i think your code is ok. you just have to declare your variables using the correct syntax.
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    Sorting a DataView

    'assuming that your datasources and dataview has already been set up dv.sort = "dataproperty1, dataproperty2, ... ASC" 'this will sort the specified dataproperties ascending (use DESC to sort descending)
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    Office 2007 Child form style?

    maybe you can also try using an mdiparent.
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    query processing

    you can define the str as byte Dim str() As Byte
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    Rowsadded event doesn't fire for all rows

    the rowsadded is fired everytime a row is written onto your grid. that means while the fill does what it usually does, each record read from your database is inserted into your grid. you can check this by placing a msgbox(grid.count) to show how many rows have been written onto your grid. maybe...
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    How to run the application exe for a shared folder?

    I think Windows has restrictions over running exe's in shared folders. Microsoft has disabled this feature due to security reasons. Imagine if an exe can be started from a shared folder, hackers can breach your company's security like a sitting duck. Though I don't know if exceptions can be...
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    search a list box

    'assuming that you have already set your listbox's datasource to bsnames private sub txt1.textchanged() if txt1.text = "" then bsnames.removefilter() else bsnames.filter = "Names='" & txt1.text & "'" end if end sub
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