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    Binding picture box?

    I am binding a picture box. I have format the picture box to ensure it's not bind to an empty path or invalid path or invalid file. But problem raise, after formating the binding picture, the form doesn't load correctly. After <B> form1.Show() </B> executed, it doesn't call form1_load. But if i...
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    RegularExpressionValidation problems?

    I have used RegularExpressionValidation. How to validate a textbox must be at least 5 characters and including wildcard character can be input to the textbox? This /d{5} will only accept 5 characters and wildcard chars is not included. How to set it?
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    Problems in

    Helo, this is some problems occurs. Anyone can help? 1. How to get the current directory of the application.exe when I installed the application? 2. For "shell" command, if i am calling app.exe, do i need to specify the path? 3. How to make the close button to be hide button. I mean the close...
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    Windows Service Problem?

    Timers in the windows service I am using the timer from the System.Timers namespace. But when i start the service, the service will stop directly since it has nothing to do according to the message displayed. I actually have the timer1_elapsed event in the code. I think it should check every...
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    Windows Service Problem?

    Currently i am building a windows service. 1. How to make a windows service that its icon display on the task bar? 2. How to show a form when we click the icon? 3. I have problem when starting the windows service, if the service have a windows component such as notifyicon, timers etc. If i am...
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    System Date and Time

    How to make a form displaying the time according to our system date and time? How to check whether the date has changed or not? Or how to check whether the time is on specified time, e.g. check whether the time is 10:00 a.m or not? Thanks for yout time....
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    Check internet connection???

    How to check whether the internet connection is connected or not? I want to send email from my application, but it will raise problem if it's not connected.
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    Binding picture box problem?

    Thanks for friends that reply my post before.... I am binding a picture box to a path... It works fine if the path is valid. Problem comes when tha path is invalid or empty... The code that is red highlighted is where the error come out.. Private Sub BindFields() Try Dim...
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    Error send email?

    Helo, I have a problem when sending email from VB.Net application, the error message is "The server rejected one or more recipient addresses. The server response was: 550 5.7.1 Unable to relay for". What is actually is the problem? How can i get out from...
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    Sending email automatically?

    Helo, how to automate sending email? I want to automatically send email to some addresses every day? How can i do that? I build that one for my final project at my college. Please help me. Thanks in advance. I am using this code.... try Dim objEmailMessage As System.Web.Mail.MailMessage...
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    Setting SMTP server?

    hi, how to set the SMTP server on my computer? I am using IIS from Windows... Thanks a lot... I just wanna try to set the SMTP server for sending email from VB. Net app. Due the server problem, coz my home comp doesn't have any SMTP server. The error is "Can't connect to the server"
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    Problem in Binding Data to a Control?

    Thanks... I have tried it out... I get an error here.......... Invalid cast from System.String to System.Drawing.Image How could i get it works? Please help me....
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    Problem in Binding Data to a Control?

    Problem converting path to a picture I have tried it out, but i still having problem convert the path to a picture. How can i solve this problem? Please provide the code example. Special Thanks to Toni...
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    Problem in Binding Data to a Control?

    I still get confused with the Binding.Parse means? Would you mind to help me about this problem? Is Binding.Parse able to parse an URL of the picture? Thanks a bunch...
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    Customize a report in run time?

    Helo, guys 1. How can I produce a report that based on the user? For example, if the user want to display a column, that it can make a report of it. 2. How can I select data from a table that its database is chosen based on the user? e.g. "SELECT * FROM databasename..TABLE" I wanna the report...
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